Smart Hard Work

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I hadn’t realize the emotional impact of sex work for myself until recently. It took more than most, I like to think, but it finally caught up with me and now, finally, I understand on a gut level how exhausting this work must be for anyone with a shorter rope, fewer options, or lacking a solid support network in this industry.

I’ve read a fairly wide range of feminist, equality-oriented, sex work positive literature as well as the commentary and arguments against it. These issues pop up on social media regularly (my current favorite commentator is Ava St Claire from Florida) and in personal private conversations and with every comment, comic, and essay I learn a little more about other people’s experiences.

A few weeks ago, I spent the entire day, 9a-6p, working on my new website (look for a July 9 launch!) and took myself to dinner after. I thought I’d read a book and have a glass of wine to relax but I sat down and couldn’t do anything but grin hysterically and look around. It took me half a glass and almost an hour before the tension in my muscles eased and I could relax into reading.

I learned two things from this: first, that you guys are heroes. You who grind in front of a screen or manage other people or build a thriving business from scratch. You guys are doing what I did for one day, but you do it All. The. Time. Wow. No wonder an hour or two away from it all with a beautiful woman is so meaningful for you. I’m honored to be able to provide that safe, quiet, fun space for you to let your brain turn off for a bit and simply enjoy the physical sensation of being adored.

Second: I learned, finally, way behind the curve, that this work, though it sometimes feels frivolous, is meaningful without it needing to be deliberately therapeutic. Meaning the pressure I put on myself to listen with intent and touch with meaning is unnecessary; the nature of sensual and erotic bodywork is already therapeutic in and of itself. WOW! And I thought I was a fast learner, haha.

You all have been so patient and so wonderful with me through this learning curve. Over the last few weeks I have had absolutely the best experience. My clients have all been caring and passionate and appreciative as well as fun and sexy and thoughtful. I’ve been busy enough but not too busy. I’ve been playing hard and working hard and reinforcing relationships left and right! I feel well supported and absolutely pleased to pleasure you.

Hot damn life is good.

So what does this mean for you? You’ll see when the new website launches but it means primarily that you can count on me to be there for you during our time together, fully and completely and enthusiastically. Thank you.