PSA: Personal Information

It shouldn’t have to be said, but please, do not share personal information your provider has shared with you wth other clients or providers, even if it’s with one of her friends.

I’ve had at least two providers who were friends of mine outed to me and aspects of others’ personal lives revealed that I did not know. I have no idea how many times I’ve been outed to discreet, polite, professional providers who have the sense to end it there. I love all these fantastic providers but please be respectful and let us tell each other those things; don’t violate the privilege of intimacy or it will be revoked.

If your provider reveals her name to you, awesome. I’m very happy she’s reached that level of trust and mutual respect with you. Please DO NOT assume she has revealed it to anyone else, even other provider friends. The vast majority of my friends in the community have not told me their given names and I will not ask, that’s for them to decide.

Know her relationship status? Her home town? Her alma mater? Don’t assume I know those things. She may choose to tell me, but those are her personal details to reveal, not yours. Know mine? Again, please don’t let it slip, even to my friends. Not everyone knows everything and that’s important both for my own safety and for my friends’ plausible deniability.

I totally get it and I’ve been guilty of this in the past. I adore my friends and love to gush about them. I have opinions and I like to share them. But please, respect our privacy and NEVER EVER EVER assume that because we’re duo partners or share an incall, we know each other’s given names, relationship status, family situation, emotional state, hometown, neighborhood, other incall locations, business practices, safety strategies, day jobs, financial status, legal status, eating habits, health care needs, leisure activities, or anything else. If it’s not published on her website or social media, assume it’s private between the two of you and keep it that way.