New site, new name, new services

Happy summer my beloveds!

Those of you who get my newsletter already know but there is a new me!

Since October I’ve been preparing to offer full service again. First psyching myself up, then testing the waters slowly, with a few regular friends. Now I’m voracious and am going public with my offerings. I find that the more I have, the more I want (up to a point) and the pleasure is out of this world.

I don’t have the fanciest setup. When I chose my new location back in October I wasn’t planning on this. The space isn’t huge but I’ve managed to make it work so far. When my lease is up I may consider a move but we shall see.

I have had to say goodbye to a few friends. Unfortunately, not all my beloveds care about my pleasure and will listen when I say what works. Others are incapable of changing old habits. To these loves I’d like to refer you to one or more of my many many delightful friends and colleagues.

Speaking of: the galleries on my images page are my favorite part of the new launch. As they’re taken, I’ll be adding pictures of myself and my duo partners together to a special gallery to spark your imagination. I do adore getting my hands on my girlfriends and if you give me an excuse? Oh my darling…

In addition to new session types, rates have gone up for FBSM as of next Sunday. I’ve stolen an idea from a few friends and chosen to offer discounts to more regular guests instead of grandfathering in old old rates so please make yourself aware of your benefit. You’ll notice that snuggles are no longer a session option. If you absolutely loved it and can’t stand missing out on cuddles, I can make special exceptions for old friends but be aware that it’s subject to my whims, haha.


As for why I’m adding these services back and changing my name, it simply feels right. When I chose to restrict myself to unidirectional touch, it was a chance for me to learn and grow in the safety of physical boundaries. Over the past few years, I’ve learned a great deal about myself, gained several valued mentors, and finally feel prepared to responsibly reenter the exciting world of escorting. I also feel that I’ve mastered my craft when it comes to sensual massage and, while I’ll never stop learning and inventing, my overactive mind needed novel stimulus. I do still want three or four FBSM sessions in a week to keep myself in practice and to add variety to my work so please don’t stop requesting it! You’ll just have more options now.

I’ve learned my body better and am capable of far more pleasure than I was several years ago. I’ve discovered a strong desire for novelty and excitement which you all provide to varying degrees. I’m excited to explore the city with you and I need more free time to add life skills and try to write more. My financial goals continue to rise as I plan for my future, and my wanderlust takes me from my work often enough that I want to make it more impactful and interesting.

But why the new name? Christina Slater was a fine name, it was ok, it wasn’t very interesting, but it worked for a new girl growing into maturity. This industry is a fun one in that we can reinvent ourselves to reflect changes. While the small town Montana girl is still alive and well, she has made room for a cosmopolitan socialite with a greater sense of globalism and an even greater thirst for knowledge. I lost weight, learned a new language, gutted my closet, traveled the world (a bit of it), and simply feel a desire to reflect all that new growth in a new name.

A petite amie is a girlfriend, a little French lady friend; it’s me exactly. Let Amie Petite by your new favorite petite amie.

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