You’re my first

I remember my first. We were young and good Christian kids so we trusted ourselves (or more accurately our shame) to keep us from going farther than just the tip. It was dark, under covers, and I’d been fighting myself for over an hour as our naked bodies did everything but. His stupid teenage cock was rubbing all over my lips and when he asked me if he should go all the way I didn’t hesitate. I couldn’t. I nodded and the next thirty seconds were pure heaven.

Even earlier than that I had learned the frustrated pleasure of a hand or cock rubbing my inseam and younger still I tried to fulfill my pussy’s yearning with my friends’ hands and labia and pillows. I was only 12 when I learned to masturbate so I’m amazed that it took four entire years after that to finally feel real penetration.

I remember my first older man.. I remember my first orgasm with a partner, I remember my first client, my first duo… I remember my first everything.

So will you. If you come to me for your first time, or even to be one of your first few, you will remember me your entire life.

What an honor. Thank you.

Because if I’m among your first, it means you chose me, you decided I was worth living in your memory for as long as your memory lasts. When our firsts just happen, we don’t always choose when and with whom. You did and I am humbled.

About me: I have a lot of experience, as you may have guessed, but you are different and interesting and unique in ways even you don’t know. I’ll want to get to know you and I’ll want to know that it’s all new for you. I’m excited to help you get comfortable and learn.

About you: You care, you’re curious, and you’re willing to take your time learning this whole girls and sex thing. Welcome.