An Open Letter To His Wife

To My Client’s Wife,

I’m sorry. I’m sorry that the world set you up to think you could get everything you needed from one man. I’m sorry that you’ve been shamed for your sexuality and his interest in sex doesn’t fit your needs anymore. I’m sorry that somewhere, something broke down and you don’t know how to fix it. I’m sorry that he pestered you until you fought over it and that his hurt and confusion blinded him to yours. I’m sorry that I’ll never be able to hug you and tell you that it’s ok, that I’ll take care of that so you two can focus on the rest of your complex, full, committed life together. I’m sorry that you haven’t found an outlet like this so you, too, can take a break, relax, and return to your marriage more focused and refreshed.

I haven’t seen your husband at his worst. I haven’t laundered countless socks, sobbed quietly at the hurtful and angry things he said, celebrated his success at the cost of my own, sacrificed my youth to bring him pleasure, cooked for him, cleaned for him, or God forbid been on a long trip with him. I have no idea what series of events led you two to where you are now, I only see his sexual frustration now in front of me and it’s my job to take care of it and send him happily back home to you.

Because he loves you. You’ve raised his children and captured his heart. He needs you. He has watched you work miracles with his home and his family and himself. He has built a beautiful, strong, loving life with you. He has fought within himself between his desires and your needs and this is his solution. Leaving is not an option. You fill his life and fit him in so many ways; his choice is not between staying or leaving, it’s between resenting the lack of connection or recharging his physical and emotional batteries in order to be more completely with you.

I know, that sounds crazy! If he loves you, why would he be seeing someone like me? It’s precisely because he loves you that he’s seeing me once a month instead of shattering your life with constant anger or a foolish affair.

And believe me, if he thought he could tell you, he would. If I could tell you I would. If you could know that there’s no pressure, that cuddling doesn’t have to lead to sex, that if you aren’t in the mood you don’t have to feel guilty, that sex is an invitation, not an expectation, what kind of freedom might you feel? To have that source of constant fighting evaporate, or at least ebb long enough to come together… what might that do?

I don’t want to steal your husband, I want to heal him. I’m sexual first aid, applied as often as necessary to allow deeper healing between you two, if you’re willing. I’m a prop, a listening ear, a safe space for him to feel sexy and sensual and comforted and heard so he can meet you where you are without tension or resentment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

With hope,

Your Husband’s Favorite Escort

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