I worship cock. I always have. In all their variations, cocks fascinate, intrigue, please, and entertain me. I love how an erection can be an instant eraser of intelligence I’ve seen, great care I’ve felt, and deep conversations I’ve seen interrupted mid-sentence. That being said, the intelligence, conversation, and care are absolute prerequisites for that worship, intrigue, pleasure, fascination, and entertainment. Establishing a connection as two human beings who have something in common other than compatible genitals is critical for my personal enjoyment. Once that connection has been made, and sometime it comes in the aftermath, my interest and pleasure skyrockets.

Without that connection, I am capable of providing a high caliber service, but at that point it becomes a service. It ceases to be the genuine back and forth of an expanding relationship and stays firmly in the realm of a provider providing a service. I am capable of that experience and as an actor of both skill and talent it will be a service of caliber and quality, but it will not be the kind of session that makes me want to keep you late, nibble on cylindrical meats, chat long into the lazy afternoon, play with you again until you cannot rise, and fall asleep gently on your shoulder.

That is the session I most often share. I started to write the word ‘offer’ but I share it with you as much as you share it with me. I like to describe it as GFE, but back in high school. We’re both good kids, not doing anything that’s actually sex no matter how much we yearn for it. We kiss and kissing leads to touching, leads to more touching, leads to the kind of exploration that doesn’t focus on some kind of finish. It focuses on the touch, the tease, the closeness, the surprise finish that’s fun and sweet and rewarding but not a disappointment if it doesn’t show. It brings us both to a combined frustrated and satisfied frenzy and that’s when I worship your cock.

I want to touch it. I want to look at it and observe similarities and differences. I want to explore it and the surrounding area. I want to tickle your feet and see if it moves you. I want to trail my fingertips across your chest, searching for previously undiscovered spots that send shivers and tingles through your belly into your cock to make it twitch. I want to test your reaction to my excursions. I want to explore the textures, bends, folds, fuzz or lack. I want to watch your face and breath for peaks of intensity and valleys of relaxation. I want to feel the swell and regress of your glorious cock as I find patterns and rhythms that please you but don’t quite satisfy… not yet. I want to hear you pant and feel my breath rise with yours as we both get sucked into the hot, wet intensity of our arousal. I love the mental and emotional swell I feel when your physical cues tell me you’re walking the edge. I want to feel myself throb between my thighs as every thought and movement is for sex and sensuality. I want to feel you struggle to watch both my arched ass rock across your torso and your cock, barely visible in the gap between you and I as everything I have that can reach your cock caresses it, strokes it, slips across it until, after ages of touch and tease, I finally feel the pleasure and satisfaction of your hot, sticky, slippery cum all over me. I don’t even need that ‘finish’; I still want to worship and pleasure your cock, regardless of the outcome. I want to bring pleasure and excitement to your every moment. I want to cover you with warm slick oil and bring you a bliss that requires only your appreciation to plaster a grin on my face.

I’ve discovered in myself an intense internal reward system that fires when I am appreciated. It only takes a moment, only a thought, to share that appreciation. I don’t require, nor would I want, some epic of care and thankfulness. I wouldn’t press for thanks as my services are given in a fair exchange, regardless of the attitudes (barring the pushy or downright unsafe) of my beloved clients. Thanks and appreciation are only to give me pleasure, something I regularly and often receive. They enhance my experience and quickly turn a pleasant session into a memorable one I long to repeat. Once in fifty sessions I will have a simply pleasant experience. Those other 49 are rewarding in thousands of ways. Flowers, exotic cheeses, wines, words of admiration and appreciation, acknowledgement of time invested and time stretched, contented smiles, exhausted poses, repeats and returns, long conversations that have nothing to do with either of us, those are the things that bring me pleasure and joy and intensify just how much I worship your cock.

Who among you doesn’t desire appreciation and to be desired? When I meet you, as a human with thoughts, cares, a history, a life before us, I appreciate you. I appreciate that you may be nervous. You may be cautious. You may be carefree, celebrating a recent life event. You may be an old hand or brand new, you may be thick or thin, tall or short, old or young…. Every one of you has something that I appreciate. You are shy and I care for you. You are bold and I admire you. You are clever and I laugh with you. You are serious and I am careful for you. You are curious and I am excited for you. You are verbose and I convers with you. You are young and I teach you. You are old and I learn from you. You are kind and I am nurtured by you. You are misinterpreted and I understand you. You are unsure and I am sure for you. I am suited to my work; I am suited to you.

I long ago vowed that I would only interact with penises attached to awesome people. While I have sometimes bent this rule and have once or twice broken it, my experiences in the last few years have been absolutely consistent with this motto. Thank you, to those who have and those who continue to help me uphold my personal motto. You are the greatest of men. You deserve the worship of a great woman.