18 Days

As classes begin to wind down and my senioritis sets in to stay, I realize my writing has slowed to a crawl. I mean, I knew it all along, but I finally set aside a few moments to write that happened to coincide with a desire to write. It’s late at night and I’m sitting at the tiny kitchen table with a big bouquet of flowers, the night falling outside the window, and the glow of the screen beginning to make my eyes ache. I should get up and turn on a light to diffuse the strain but my priorities are in another order, as they often are.

I’ve discovered I have little to talk about other than school these days. I’m always open to a range of topics, but when five hours out of four days out of every week for 40 weeks are spent talking about the same thing, you tend to get a bit of a one-track mind. That being said, it’s been amazing information. The myriad ways our bodies heal themselves and the still greater number of ways we hurt them is mind blowing. My mind is a jumble of Muscle Energy Techniques, Reflex Arcs, Latin names and proper terms for standing up and sitting down, pokes and prods and facilitations and strokes and alternative positioning….. so much information that it’ll take me another year just to get it all straightened out in my head!

It does mean that in addition to my natural inclination towards being sexy in front of, around, and on people, I have techniques to heal and make whole that I can incorporate into any session, strength in my hands and arms, and confidence in that strength. It’s been a great journey and I can’t f***ing wait for it to be over. I do have a few days off here and there so keep an eye on my calendar for unusual availability between now and the beginning of August.

I finish school on the ninth of July and a week and a half later I leave town. If you’d like to see new providers while I’m gone (and I hope you do) please please please do the screening now. I usually answer screening requests when I’m out of town but this time I will not be.