Update long overdue

Good day my dears and my most sincere apology fort he long hiatus. Between school, moving, and just generally staying busy, blog posting has fallen by the wayside, along with letter writing, scheduling with any sort of timeliness, and standing in the rain wondering what it all means. I have not abandoned my blog, I merely need to work on my time management.

Classes have been going well, though it seems that drivers around here forget that rain makes for slick roads and still drive as if they were slinkies hooked to the bumper of the preceding car. There are some intersections near my building that I want to do some stealth line painting to direct traffic so people don’t drive like self-entitled idiots (something I am occasionally guilty of myself). But this isn’t about traffic or weather, this is about updating my blog and sharing some more thoughts with you all.

Tonight is the Halloween party for the review board. I’m planning on being only moderately indecent, so don’t feel you’ve missed out too much if you can’t go. Perhaps there will be another valentines party and you can join us then. In any case, I’ll try to get a photo of my costume for members viewing pleasure 🙂

The move is official. I started signing the 69 pages of leasing paperwork yesterday and will be moving out of the old place this Wednesday and into the new place the following Wednesday. I do have a backup location in the interim so aside from my regular days off and moving days, I am still available to get together during my regular hours.

For those of you who have submitted email addresses to the mailing list: I apologize. You did it right, I have simply not yet established an easy and reliable method for composing and distributing information. I have some ideas, I simply have to get around to doing it. I will post about it when I eventually get it up and running. Thank you for your patience.

Posting at all was inspired by a mental rant I was running through on the bus this morning, but it’s been so long I hate to reintroduce myself with a blast of negativity so let me just say thank you each of you who meets with me with a sense of humor, opennes, lack of expectations, and willingness to form a healthy and mutually pleasing relationship. The overwhelming majority of my gentleman friends are exactly that: gentlemen. You are warm hearted and enthusiastic without being pushy or expectant. You are appreciative and caring without hanging doubts or guilt anywhere near us. You validate my need to help and to care for, whether it’s a touch you’ve been missing or long conversations about life and spirit or just a few hours where you don’t have to make any decisions, you make me feel good to make you feel good. I deeply appreciate that and I want to thank you.

I hope your Halloween is wonderful and I will try not to let such a long time elapse next time.