Thoughts on Wishes

There is a saying: “If wishes were fishes there’d be no room in the ocean for water.” I like old adages like that. Simple, but layered with meaning. On the surface it decries wishing, intimating that it is a waste of time but when you think about it, it is also an encouragement to do instead of simply wish for. Instead of filling the ocean with too many fish, work for what you want.


That being said, unexpected gifts are always nice. I’ve noticed that people often prefer buying for others to having things bought for them. Perhaps my sample is skewed, or perhaps in this day of consumer madness, people already have what they want but still like to buy things and so enjoy buying stuff to give away. In the context of you and me, perhaps you’d like to buy something in order to see me wear it. (I’m a size six or small in most clothing items including shoes and panties. Bra size 32DD. You know, in case you were wondering). Maybe you like to read and have a book sitting on your shelf you’d like to share. Perhaps you’re a tech guru and want to show off some new gadget. You might wish to take me to dinner or give me a gift card so I can take one of my girlfriends. Perhaps you’re not sure what to get but have an impulse to give a little extra, to show that you had a little extra fun this time. I hope if you choose to give me something nice it is something we can share such as a bottle of sparkling wine, some fresh fancy cheese, or a cute little number I wear special when you’re around.


If you like directions and suggestions, here are some places I like to eat at:

Purple Cafe and Wine Bar

Ethan Stowell locations

Tom Douglass locations

Whole Foods (gift cards make grocery shopping much less painful)

I also occasionally review places I’ve been on my Trip Advisor Account


I like great, expensive food and so the places I like to eat are often on the higher end of the spectrum. I can’t say the same thing for my clothes. I prefer second hand stores because current fashions are not flattering to a woman who isn’t waifish. I have noticed that I can wade through racks and racks of high end clothing and find perhaps one item I like. In a second hand store or at a garage sale I fill my arms with clothes and they all become my new favorite. That being said, I do like to turn over my wardrobe on occasion and when I do I usually hit one or two of the following.

Victoria’s Secret

Buffalo Exchange

Target (I kid you not, their panties are amazing)

Ross (for shoes and dresses mostly)

Banana Republic

Butch Blum


And for miscellania: I can always use candles, unscented or otherwise, and I’ve been looking around for a good candelabra or taper candle holder. If you stumble across something interesting and elegant that holds tapers, even if it’s just one, I’d love to add it to my candle collection 🙂

Bed Bath and Beyond is always a good bet, be it pillows, fuzzy blankets, dishes, music, or kitchen supplies.

Sur La Table is my preferred place for kitchen gadgetry

Lover’s Lair or Babeland gift cards are ALWAYS welcome

I’ve recently delved into collecting attractive things to wear. The best ones are quite indulgent. I’ve been intrigued by but not yet able to justify buying from one or more of the following:

Morgaine Faye (Portland gothic jewelry maker who creates perfect wearables for my assistant, Rose)

Artas Usuwil. Not all of it, though, the brilliant and the dark, the simple and the elegant.

Oru, if she ever did bracelets. But I love the system and the work.

Freeland Spirits makes an absolutely to die for Gin but it might be hard to find because they’re small and in Portland.

And of course good old Amazon. You can get practically anything there. Amazon gift cards prepare me for my late night bouts of intoxicated purchasing. A great pastime, actually, I highly recommend it ;-P The only gift more all purpose than Amazon gift cards is straight cash and at that point it’s not as much a gift as a tip. Which I suppose is also a gift. But whatever, you know what I mean.


As always, these are suggestions. As with most people, I won’t say no to gifts but I don’t expect them. It is all about what might bring you pleasure. For some people it’s having someone spank them for an hour, for others it’s giving gifts.


As always, I appreciate your attention and care and I hope to see you soon




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