To The Hilt

The sides of my wrist were pinked with hyperemia, more blood flow than usual, the way my neck blushes when I’m excited or your ears burn when you’re nervous. My forearm, finally freed, was at the end of its limits and relaxed only very slowly. I’ve always wanted to have a cock so I could feel, from inside, a woman contracting with orgasm, clenching my cock as she shuddered and spasmed. I may not have a nice, thick cock, but I do have very small hands.

I went slow at first, like I need with an unusually thick cock. Let the muscles ringing her pussy relax and give her a chance to slip onto my hand instead of just pushing into her. Just a little stretch and once the thickest part of whatever is doing the fucking is past the choke point, the little pain goes away and all there is is pleasure.

She was worried that it would be too much, after a surgery and long recovery, and after two already fuck-full hours, but he kept watching over my shoulder with delight and encouraging her, reminding her that we were there for her pleasure and I could speak up for myself if I was overwhelmed and that, in the past, when they had gently overcome her resistance, she had been happy they had.

Three fingers, a little less than his cock, slipped in easily. Four wasn’t far behind and in no time at all my relaxed hand, all four fingers and my thumb, gentle and constant, pressed its way in. As I felt my fingertips reach the back of her, I curled them as gently as I could to form a full fist. A loose fist at first, feeling her dimensions and watching her face for cues of pain or pleasure. She gave me excellent directions and encouragement, asking for more, bigger, thicker, stronger.

Given what I know about my own equipment, I wondered if perhaps what she was asking for was more stretch, right down at the base. I tightened my grip to make my fist as wide as I could, turned it sideways to maximize pressure, and pulled back until I felt strong resistance.

If you’ve never felt a woman with a strong pelvic floor contract in orgasm around your wrist, you’ve missed out on a truly incredible experience. I hope feeling it around your cock is as good. I felt like some insane sex goddess, watching and feeling and hearing her come this incredible, fierce, powerful orgasm, back arched and muscles rigid, moans and yells and eventually deep, rich, velvety screams. Her husband watched, absolutely over the moon, as his wife, his woman, got fisted by this slight, busty pro. From the corner of my eye I could see his gaze flickering between my face, her face, and her pussy, dripping wet onto the pillows. The sounds and the smell of her fresh sweat, the sight of her writhing and shuddering, my wicked happy grin, our three naked forms working to give her every sensation she asked for.

With the aftershocks of her orgasm heating us all, I slowly withdrew and thought we were done. He was so excited at the sight of my tiny wet hand slipping out of his woman’s glowing cunt that he asked me to do it again. She was done, she said, but she thought she could handle a few more ins and outs before she would need a cool shower and another glass of champagne. Well, this is what happens when two people who know each other inside and out make suggestions. Neither she nor I knew that she had one, final, loud, body wracking, firestorm of an orgasm left in her.

As I slipped in the second time, I thought it was simply to please her husband. To our surprise but not his, she gasped and suddenly changed her mind about being done. This time, she was warmed up and demanding more. I remembered something he mentioned offhand about her G Spot so I turned my wrist and curled my entire hand up in a ‘come hither’ motion. The flat of my four knuckles put full, broad, strong pressure directly into it.

It’s things like this that make me a little jealous. With 15 years on me and twenty with the same encouraging and open minded partner, she comes harder, faster, and stronger than I do. I wasn’t keeping track but I know I was responsible for at least four orgasms (six if you count his) and got an assist in at least two more. Based on volume and sheer heat, they felt powerful, possibly even overwhelming.

With my fist balled as wide and hard as I could get it, fucking her as fast and as hard as I could, watching and hearing her (and him) enjoying every wet sloppy minute of it, I felt like Aphrodite, Loki, Hera, and Athena all at once. (yes, I know I’m mixing mythologies. You would, too.)

Today I am reminded of last night with every step. Our interlude with the strap on gave me a tender pubic bone and my right forearm and my back are reminding me of just how little I cared about them last night. His length, strength, and vigor left me exhausted inside and her insatiable pussy tuckered out the rest of me. Nothing hurts, darlings. I know you’re reading this and you’ll worry about me. I pay other people money to make me do far less fun exercise and feeling sore the next day is part of the satisfaction. Part of the pleasure. Part of the experience.

Young lady. Nice boy. You two are a gem as a unit and as someone who only knew you for a few hours, I’m pleased on your behalf for your openness, your adventurousness, your confidence, and your inspiration. Would that all wives welcome the chance to come for hours on end. Would that all husbands listened to what their wives wanted and helped nudge them towards it. I’ll see you two again, I’m sure of it. Just give me a few days for my arms to recover 😉