She knelt between my thighs as I lay down, listening intently to my instructions. “Slow in and out. The moment of penetration is the most stimulating, the stretch as it gets wider again and again.”

She watched carefully, slipping the long black silicone cock into me and out again, listening for words and sounds of encouragement. She went too deep once or twice, too fast for a moment, but sooner than I thought possible she found the perfect rhythm.

As she used her cock to fuck me slowly, I closed my eyes and went to work on my clit. My fetish is cum; cocks coming in, on, or near me revs my engine so that’s what I thought of first. Then I got curious and brought to mind the image of her riding me, dripping on me, coming on me slippery and sticky and smelling like pussy.

Turns out I am a gender inclusive cum slut, hahaha!

Between the rhythmic stretch as the head of her cock slipped out and in again, my own practiced fingertips, and this startlingly effective visualization, I went from not particularly aroused to orgasm faster than I have ever done before. Of course there was all that foreplay so my *mind* was primed, but I can’t even make myself come that fast.

Props to you, my dear. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to return the favor this time but I have a hunch that next time we meet, at least someone is going to give you that orgasm we missed today.

About the title:

I find it amusing to make fun of the way society likes to view people like me; people who do what I do or things similar. In this particular case, I’m making fun of the way I used to feel about people in porn. The first pornographic video I watched was a tear streaming throat fucking video. I was repulsed and pitied the girl for something that she so clearly disliked.

Then I started having sex and met other people who do, too. I realized that some things I didn’t think I’d like are actually pretty great and others I thought I’d love are not my jam. Also that there’s no sexual thing out there that *someone* doesn’t like. The phrase ‘cum dumpster’ is derogatory but it accurately describes one of my most arousing fantasies. To be tied (in a comfortable and stable position, with an attendant for my comfort and safety, preferably on a bit of adjustable height furniture for the comfort of my lovers) down and held helpless as cock after cock cums in or on my pussy. Not that they run a train and fuck me until they come, no. This is bukkake plain and simple. Except not on my face. To see and feel a constant stream of hot, sticky orgasms is… well, let’s just say I’m feeling myself respond even as I write this.

I found my realization, that the image of women coming *also* aroused me like that, was fun. A pleasurable expansion of my sexual repertoire. The phrase and it’s very filthiness amused me so I used it. Plus cum dumpster has a more pleasing semirhyme to it than cum slut.