Selected Testimonials

“I just wanted to say thank you for the other day. While [personal revelation redacted], I am very appreciative of you listening. So thank you again for being a wonderful person, listening to me, and talking to me. You helped and that means a great deal.”
-JS via email, February 2023

“As always I am floating on clouds after spending time with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for treating me so well and for being so wonderful. 😊😘🥰”
-JK via text message, December 2022

When we first met, we could not know the paths we would each walk. What a journey it has been!
I am blessed that every once in a while we have been able to share it together. Thank you for your care, sensuality, guidance, and above all laughter and fun over these years.
I love you, my friend”
-T’s greeting card, December 2022

“You leave me smiling for along time after we part ways. The chemistry we have is amazing, both chatting and when our mouths are busy 😈”
-D via text message, August 2022

Thank you once again for such an amazing session! You truly are “the best” and I am blessed to have gotten to know you.
Thank you for being you. Genuines, beautiful, sexy, and truly caring about providing an exceptional experience.
Every visit with you just gets better and better!
-E’s Thank you card, July 2022

I’ve had fun getting to know you these past two years. I love your clever wit, charming sense of humor, and of course, your cute butt!
-D’s greeting card, July 2022

“In life, it’s rare to find someone who is equal parts kind, caring, curious, funny, intelligent, communicative, and genuine. I believe that when you find a person with all of those qualities, you hold onto them for as long as they’ll let you. Because the chances you find that winning combination within someone again is as rare as it was to find it in the first place.
The first word I think of when I think of you, and the reason I have a big dumb smile on my face right now.”
-CED’s thank you card, July 2022

“Amie, that visit restored my enthusiasm for sex itself! Wow. And it was so nice to talk with you and see you doing well.
There is only one Amie!! I’m lucky to have her as a professional friend, and the benefits are off the charts!”
-D via text message, July 2021

“Amie is that girl next door that just continued to get hotter and has that personally and attitude that you’ve know her for years. Great at conversation and even better in or around the bed area.”
-TER Review, April 2021

Thank you for a wonderful evening and allowing me to connect with you on such an intimate and personal level. Your patience and genuine caring are beyond compare.
We have seen each other a few times now and I wanted to say thank you. You have been so kind and patient with my questions and concerns and it is not ignored.
Have an amazing evening and stay safe.”
-L’s letter, October 2020

“To the beautiful Amie,
Thank you for the lovely evening, it was a true honor and priviledge [sic] to get to know you and [I] look forward to seeing you again.
P.S. Hotel key and parking money”
-J’s note on the hotel stationary, undated

“FBSM connoisseurs – she is among the finest. Clever, cultured, and clear boundaries: all things I appreciate. Not only has she apprenticed under some of Seattle’s best, […] but she continues to grow on her own and is constantly adding new tricks to her repertoire.
She’s not only intuitive but also well-studied and provides fantastic teases. Add in her intoxicating yet refreshingly genuine smile and that infectious laugh and I always find it difficult to leave.”
-TER Review, October 2016