REV: FBSM Danielle and our cocoa friend ‘Velvet’

I had a brilliant experience last month, as I am often wont to do, but this one I thought I’d share.

FBSM Danielle and I have shared classes over the last almost year and the day after we ended our student status and began our professional careers, we shared a luxurious afternoon with a TRB gentleman I will from now on refer to as Velvet. I was so struck that I asked permission to review the event and both acquiesced. So here it goes:

LOCATION: My place; First Hill
DATE: 07/10/15
NAME: FBSM Danielle and Velvet
INCALL/OUTCALL: Out for both; they came to me ;-P
AGENCY OR INDY: Both very independent
ACCURATE PICTURE: Her, yes. Him, You’ll just have to see him in person
AGE: mid 30’s/ late 30’s?
PERSONALITY: Her, Energize Bunny. Him, eager to please/be pleasured
RACE: Her: caucasian. Him: dark chocolate
BODY TYPE: Her: Marks of motherhood might trick the ignorant into thinking she’s something other than fit but for those of us who have touched her we know she’s all muscle Him: robust, exactly perfect for leaning into and onto.
WEIGHT: Not even gonna try
HEIGHT: Taller than me. Both of them. Everyone taller than me is of equal height: tall.
BUST: her: I’d guess C-D and she does this thing with them… him: There were other, more interesting things but the corkscrew chest hair and extremely responsive nipples had all three of us entertained
WAIST: Her: thin, muscled, with evidence of motherhood adding character. Him: robust, muscular, and mature
HIPS: Her: a waist-to-hip ratio for the ages! Him: I was paying more attention to the center than the width, I must admit
HAIR: Her: medium-long, strawberry brown. Silky and soft, up in a clippy when she wasn’t upside down on the floor. Him: trimmed close, pepper with a sexy smidgen of salt.
EYES: Her: big, dark, don’t remember the color. Him: laughing and rich brown.
FEET: Her: pink pedicure with nail art. Him: …good question. I got distracted on my way down and didn’t notice the feet.
SKIN TONE: Her: NW tan but her Mexican vacation may change that. Him: deep, rich mahogany. Lovely contrast for our hands and lips and other fun bits.
TRIMMING: Her: her waxing appointment was an hour after we got done so full womanly bush but I imagine it’s different today. Him: again that lovely fun corkscrew coil. She described it as a cashmere sweater and I’m not sure I disagree
TATTOOS: None on any of the three of us
SCARS: Also none that were obvious. I believe she has a c-section scar but nothing else I can think of.
PIERCINGS: Her: belly button and ears. Him: No? Not that I noticed
MOLES: Her: one well-placed on her cheek but not very noticeable. Him: I wouldn’t have seen if I looked.
BIRTHMARKS: One on her hand.
CLOTHES: Her: little black dress. Him: Something we could unbutton. Man-clothes. They got in our way so we took them off.
GLASSES: Her: contacts but glasses on request. Him: yes? I think so
MOANER OR A SCREAMER: Her: too much slurping for moans to be heard. Him: I think he lost his ability to speak for a full five minutes. I assumed that because there was a lot of frantic pointing and grunting which I dutifully followed by tonguing the indicated nipples.
ENERGY LEVEL DURING THE SESSION: Her: Energizer. Fucking. Bunny. I don’t think she sits still in her sleep! Him: matched ours which is fun because our levels are so different.
MULTI SHOTS DURING THE HOUR: We made sure of that.
ACCEPTS FRENCH: Her: possibly, at some point, but not that night. Him: Oh yes. She gave him little choice!
SMOKES: Neither?
DRINKS: Champagne for all in celebration of graduation and birthday (back in March but hey, who cares?)
KISSES: Her: I’m convinced she has an oral fixation. She licked everything!! Him: sweet and caring and very full. I enjoyed it very much.
FRENCH: Her: vigorous, immediate, and nonstop. I quote “You have to beg me to stop.” I believe it. Him: I’m sure he would have but we never gave him time to try.
GREEK: Not on anyone’s radar
RUSSIAN: Her: I think of her breasts as interactive. She was too busy with her mouth to give them a try. Him: the thought makes me chuckle but no, not really the right equipment, haha.
DO’s or DON’T’s: Do have a good time. Don’t expect FS. Leave your inhibitions at the door!
SCREENING PROCESS: We all already know each other quite well but she and I both do references and I do full name and ID
PHONE: Given out when needed
RATES: 360/hr. 500/1.5hr. 600/2hr
RECOMMEND: Hella yes!
Danielle and I had talked about doing a duo special (watch out in the future!) after classes were out. We kept putting it off because of how busy we were but Velvet is a beloved client of ours so when he emailed us inquiring, we both went wild. I set the date, time, and duration and offered my space so they could sit back and enjoy. The appointed time arrived and I broke out the bottle of bubbly I had set aside for the occasion. Danielle arrived about 15 minutes early and flopped energetically (I didn’t know you could flop energetically but Danielle proved it can be done) on my couch to enjoy the first sips of her champagne while we chatted about school and the private stripper pole party we had put on the night before. Velvet arrived and I was greeted with the broadest smile of anticipation plus a big, full kiss. I don’t know how many minutes passed but it wasn’t many before Danielle and I had unbuttoned all available buttons, my robe slipped off, and her dress peeled over her head onto the chair. Not a second later, he fell to his knees, I knelt behind him kissing and touching what I could reach, and she laid below him, thoroughly soaking everything that fell into her mouth. That set the tone for what was to be a hurricane of an adventure.

We moved from the couch to the floor to the massage table to the couch again, and every move seemed to separate her mouth from his body only for a moment. It was like her mouth was the north and his was the south pole of a magnet and they were drawn together by the laws of physics, beyond natural human desire. Danielle is literally a force of nature.

We began on the table with her lying face down. Even with the skilled and talented ministrations of Velvet and myself, she writhed and moaned even when the focus was just on feet and shoulders, respectively. Her oral fixation craved satisfaction. Ten whole minutes passed this way before wandering hands found more sexually charged places and my lips found Velvet’s, towering over Danielle’s arched back. The two of them trade places and Danielle and I spent another span of time, I don’t know how long this time, tickling and teasing, Velvet rewarding us with moans and grins and words of encouragement. My smile never left my face as I watched and giggled and made a nuisance of myself, getting in the way of her twisting teases and pleasurable pressure. Even on his belly on the table, he couldn’t get away from her trailing tongue, trickling down his back and between his thighs, rendering him speechless, as if her tongue tied his with its ferocity.

On the flip, the relentlessness never stopped. On the rare occasion her energy flagged or was distracted, I slipped in with hands when needed and tongue when appropriate. In one memorable moment, he lost his ability to speak and it was gestures and grunts that led me to his sensitive and needy nipples that I proceeded to tongue, tease, and teeth while her lips and hands were occupied south of the border. She and I finally drew a shuddering breath from him along with his first release after which we immediately resumed our manual and oral ministrations.

This was the gentle in-between when we joked, he had his wits back (and witty they are!!), and our stimulation ebbed to allow him his recovery. It was this time with the slipping and sliding of body on body and the constant but more gentle movement that inspired my favorite quote of the evening. We joked about personalities and mentioned a few other nerdy providers when Danielle teased Velvet about being ‘slathered in nerdy white girls’. And slathered he was! Me on one side, she on the other, we made a reverse Oreo of sensual and action packed excitement. Velvet, through it all, was the greatest sport. Knowing us both well, he joked, teased, chided, encouraged, gasped at, and adored us in equal measured measure. His smooth rolling tones gave an intoxicating complement to our girlish giggles.

However, true to form, Danielle indulged that oral fixation we have decided she’s got and we cued the devolution of words to sighs and giggles to moans. With she and I licking, touching, teasing, tasting, tickling, slurping, soothing, sending Velvet into another world his second climax came much to our joy and delight.

After a judicious period of recovery, sipping some water and breathing deeply, we moved our sweaty selves back to the couch where we worked our way through more of the wine. Time goes on, as it is wont to do, and we eventually got showered and dressed by turns before I was finally, once again alone in my studio. As I reflected on my experience I realized that, while I was not center stage because this duo was for him and I was experiencing this part of her for the first time, I felt deeply fulfilled, cared for, rewarded, and looked forward to more similar but different experiences. I highly recommend both of these absolutely beautiful people for social and erotic adventures.