Low and Slow

I’ve been waiting all day. He’s been teasing me with it, telling me how pleasurable it will be to slip it between my lips and feel the hot, slick juices slide down my throat. My eyes drift up from the page to stare at nothing, imagining his smooth, firm flesh sitting there right before my eyes. First I’ll see it. Glistening, proud, a hot mass waiting for me to taste. It smells salty-sweet with that musky scent underneath. I bring it slowly to my lips where it drips a slippery trail up my chin and I finally taste it. It’s warm, fresh, silky to my tongue but firm when I give a little nibble. I bring it into me again and again, slowly savoring each rich, thick mouthful. It slides into me with a final rush, exploding savory juices into my mouth, settling warm and comforting in my tummy.

What a delicious barbequed pulled pork shoulder!!!!