Duo Rev: Sofina

For all the time we’ve spent together, I only finally got to do a duo with Sofina!

LOCATION: My place on First Hill
DATE: Late November 2017
NAME: Sofina
INCALL/OUTCALL: In this time but she does out calls on request
AGE: Around my age
PERSONALITY: Chill, nerdy, playful, introverted but socially adept
RACE: Another of my garden variety white girls, haha
BODY TYPE: Hourglass in every way
WEIGHT: I have no idea but at least half of it is bum and bosom
HEIGHT: An inch or two taller than me
BUST: I’d have to guess 34 DD minimum. Beautiful and soft.
WAIST: Ridiculously smaller than her bust or hips
HIPS: Wide, round, and joyous to watch
HAIR: Dark, long, straight. The Ramona Quimby
EYES: Big dark eyes
FEET: Absolutely fine
SKIN TONE: ‘Seattle Tan’ (meaning pale, soft, firm)
TRIMMING: It’s all there in its glory
SCARS: A few, here and there
MOLES/BIRTHMARKS: Nothing I noticed
CLOTHES: Loose, straight pants and t shirt, changed into a mini skirt upon request. Also Strap-on, haha!
GLASSES: SOOOO Cute with the glasssses. she had to take them off to fit, ahem, in tight spaces.
MOANER OR A SCREAMER: Moderate, encouraging dirty talk and playful banter
MULTI SHOTS DURING THE HOUR: I have a hunch that she, like me, is willing, depending on where you are.
ACCEPTS FRENCH: Of course, but didn’t get around to it this time
DRINKS: Probably would, lightly, depending.
KISSES: Error: Not enough data. Please create opportunities for more kissing ;-P (firm and close, soft, rhythmic, just the way I like it)
FRENCH: Covered for boys. She gave me a taste, as it were. Very delicate and she pays attention!
GREEK: She would happily bring her strap-on and take you there, haha, but I don’t think you’ll get to take her
RUSSIAN: Oh dude, I think Mallory Sierra and Sarah Nicole are the only other two so well equipped for it.
DO’s or DON’T’s: DO be nice, DO communicate well, DON’T be a jerk
WEB-SITE: http://www.sitekreator.com/sofina206
SCREENING PROCESS: References, not sure of other options
PHONE: She will provide at her discretion
RATES: 300/430/560 for 60/90/120 minutes, FBSM and cuddles available, return client discount available.
RECOMMEND: Absolutely. She describes herself as the girl you wish lived next door and she’s right.
Sofina’s strengths are in her super great attitude and her wide ranging experience. She has a way of putting you at ease quickly and she’s up for things you might not normally find in your average girlfriend or escort experience. Her look is very low-key, not a lot of makeup, no crazy hair, plain, loose clothes; she’s your dog walker or your babysitter… Until she gets undressed. Sofina has the classic hourglass figure with wide, lush hips, a massive, soft bosom, and a tiny waist in between. She’s totally unselfconscious and you will be, too, when you’re with her. She’s the textbook definition of ‘good, giving, game’ and is a generous lover. She also has way more muscle than I expected, haha!

I mentioned I had a lovely friend with a few unusual requests and I needed someone to help me fulfil them. She stopped by during a long adventure to play strip twister and then help me ‘make a sandwich’. She didn’t lose a single game! And still had the stamina to make good use of our fun toys. I was impressed by her creativity and good nature. After we finished our lovely manwich and got ourselves tidied up, we chatted about the inner workings of the strip club while our victim listened and learned. She and I tend to forget there are other people in the room when we talk but she was good about including him in our group chat and he and I were both pleased by her addition to our adventure.

Sofina is one of those people who is even more beautiful because of who she is. She glows with a charming light that makes you forget the world and she is a safe, kind, thoughtful person. If you’re looking for a low-pressure provider, a sweet girl who just wants to see you happy, or are thinking of some unusual activities but aren’t quite looking for a domme, she’s a good fit.