Car Wash

Seattle rain has yet again turned your sleek black tesla into a gray shadow of its true glory. Instead of trusting the black gold that is the pinnacle of automotive engineering to some kid on the block, you decide to wash this beauty yourself, lovingly and carefully. Armed with a bucket of warm soapy water, a soft cloth, and newspapers for a streak free dry, you begin the delicious chore.

Your neighbor seems to have had the same idea. Her red BMW also lounges on the black asphalt of her drive but it’s hardly the car that catches your eye. Her white shorts show well shaped legs and the swell of her thigh, the bottom curve of her cheeks just hidden above the hem. Her flowered top clings when she turns to reach for the sudsy scrub brush and hints at a full bosom; a peek at her creamy skin visible around her neck. She catches you watching her and she smiles a little.

Flushed to have been caught, you busy yourself looking for hidden pockets of dirt and working on those stubborn dried bugs in the grill. The next time you sneak a peek you catch a glimpse of rounded waist, her shirt lifted as she reaches up to get the roof. Another quick glance and that curved cheek is showing below the hem of her shorts. A fourth look stops you in your tracks; several buttons on the front of her shirt are undone and she’s looking right at you. She knows you’ve been watching, and the sparkle in her eye tells you she doesn’t mind.

Her movements around the car become more exaggerated, she leans across the hood to show a fine view of her posterior and ‘accidentally’ spills some water on her white shorts. Is she wearing red under there? You can almost tell from your driveway, but something tells you she wouldn’t mind you finding out for sure.

Through the flirting eyes and her inviting smile, you manage to finish drying and shining your sexy car’s slick finish, even throwing in a few ‘come hither’ looks yourself. You saunter across the lawn to introduce yourself and offer a helping hand with the finishing touches on your gorgeous neighbor’s sparkling red car, even bringing over some microfiber cloths you ‘just happened to have lying around.’ She introduces herself in turn and the way her lips move when she speaks suggests other ways she might like to use them.

With the outside of the car shined and polished, the two of you turn your attention to the interior. A quick sweep with a vacuum hose is all it really needs but she asks you for your help so you obligingly climb in one door as she slips in through the other. Your suspicions are soon confirmed; it’s not the inside of the car that needs attention, it’s your gorgeous neighbor. Her ‘accidental’ brushes against you are followed with very deliberate looks. The bulge growing in your jeans is obvious. Her interest in it is also obvious. As you both lean over to reach a particularly difficult spot, she moves in and begins to kiss you.

That first kiss is incredible. Here lips are as soft as you hoped they would be and her tongue teases yours. Her hands begin to caress you and you oblige in turn. With hands roaming over each other’s faces, arms, and bodies the smoldering spark of lust is ignited and there is no going back. The vacuum hose falls to the floor, the high pitched hum goes on in the background ,drowning out the noise of the wind and the neighborhood as you twist around each other, reaching as if you can’t get enough.

You break for a moment to catch your breath and look at her with a question in your eyes. She laughs “I suppose we could take this inside?” her voice and eyes are expecting and receiving your emphatic acceptance. You flip the switch on the vacuum and roll up the hose while she moves the car back under the protection of the garage. Moments later you are in her living room, sitting on her couch, kissing like teenagers with her straddling your hips. Your hands slip under her shirt to tickle and tease her nipples under her bra. She moans as she presses herself onto the rock hard bulge under her, muffled by your lips against hers. The last time you felt this pent up was tenth grade… The combination of implicit permission and reminiscence of illicit teenage activity is driving you wild. She begins to unfasten your belt and plays her hands across your cock as she manipulates your clothing. Your desire for this near stranger is both baffling and intoxicating. Her mouth is hot against your neck as she moves down, down with your jeans to the floor. She pauses for a moment with a question in her eyes. ‘May I?’