Car Wash part two ;-)

You answer her question with a moan and a nod. Her focus on your naked hips and jutting cock is all encompassing. You let your head fall back onto the couch as you feel her tongue teasing your smooth head. Her tongue makes a long stroke from base to tip, leaving a trail of slick wetness. She cups one hand under you and wraps the other around your shaft, using that wet trail to slide her fingers up and down, teasing you. “Mmmm, that cock is gorgeous. I can taste the salt of you. I want more” she murmurs. Her hand on your cock’s shaft slides towards the tip, drawing out a bead of thick, slippery precum. She makes eye contact and slowly licks across and around the head of your bulging shaft. Her tongue presses just under the head of your cock. Now her lips tease you, opening just enough to take in the spongy tip. Her tongue sneaks out to lick and press against you and smoothly but suddenly she engulfs you. You can feel her lips just brushing your pelvis as she tries to take all of you into her. You can feel the head of your throbbing cock pressed against the back of her throat. You look down to see her focused, determined to deep throat you until you can’t handle it anymore. She alternates between deep, intense strokes and lightly flicking her tongue around, across, and under you. Those eyes, those hands, that gorgeous womanly form kneeling at your feet, watching your face and smiling around a mouthful of sex at the sounds she draws from you, all is driving you wild.

Yet still you’re not sure to let go or to hang on…

With a sudden decisive move your body almost chooses for you. You stop her enthusiastic movement and pull her up onto the couch with you. At some point during that transition, your shirt has come off as has hers and the two of you work to remove those hot white shorts. The warm scent of her arousal draws you in and with no hesitation you position yourself comfortably with your face between her thighs. You can see she’s already dripping wet and her soft lips are dark red and engorged. The first stroke of your tongue, delving into her hot sex draws a gasp and a heavy moan. Your fingertips gently pinching her nipples draw another and your other hand slipping inside her pussy draw still more moans. It is a wild ride indeed, following her hips as they buck and gyrate, sometimes wrapping your head in the strong hot muscle of her thighs, other times sliding back and forth, practically fucking herself with your tongue and hands. You focus on what she responds to and her moans of ‘yes, more!’ and before long you can feel, see, and hear the ripples of orgasm begin at your mouth and spasm through her legs, belly, and arms. The heart of her orgasm explodes from her lips with guttural, uncontrollable cries. You fill with pride and pleasure, knowing that you’ve brought her to the edge and more. Your cock also rises, full of hot blood and sex, ready to pleasure her if she’s ready for it.

A heartbeat later there is no doubt. She pulls herself up from the couch and wraps her hands around your face, kissing you deeply and reveling in the scent of her orgasm on your face. With words and eyes she asks to feel you inside of her, filling her, pleasuring her deep inside where your hands can’t reach.

In a moment you lie above her, poised. You pause for a heartbeat to take in her flushed cheeks and mussed hair. Her pupils are large with arousal and her hands and legs pull you towards her. Her lips and thighs are parted, ready for you. She is so wet there is almost no resistance as you slip the length of your throbbing cock into her waiting pussy. Your moans come in unison as you both slowly build up speed, her hips rocking up to meet yours as the sensations build. Her full breasts sway with you, their bright nipples hard and sensitive. You can’t help yourself and you reach for one to pinch and tease, drawing a gasp, a shudder, and a smile.

Your orgasm is building again. You aren’t going to stop it this time; it’s practically written on your face. “Wait. Like this” she grins as she disengages and rolls over underneath you to present her rounded ass. “My orgasms are always better like this.”

She closes her eyes and you can see her working her clit with one hand. No hesitation. You hold her hips with your hands and draw her into you as you slide into her. You can feel the entire length of your cock slide into her frictionless pussy. You can feel her hand pleasuring herself and teasing your cock as you thrust again and again, deep and full and pleasurable and ecstatic. Her breath comes ragged, deeper, panting faster with every movement. You can feel both of you building to a peak, a cliff of pleasure that you will happily throw yourself from. “Oh God. Shit! FUCKfuckfuck! I’m comi…ginfsdk!!!” she roars, the words caught in her throat. Her admission is the last straw. Over the cliff you go with her following, both of you on a high of lust, passion, novelty, and release. You complete a few more strokes to draw out your pleasure as best you can, then collapse as the tension leaves your body. For a long moment you both lie, panting, pressed against each other, separated only by a layer of sweat, cooling you both and bringing you slowly back to reality.

The humorous and sticky after effects of your passion take a few minutes to clean and tidy. You are connected by spontaneity and a sense of adventure.

“Lunch?” she offers. “I’ve just got sandwich stuff, so nothing fancy, but I know I’m hungry after all that.” The contented smile on her lips and the flush lingering in her cheek are irresistible, and you know, “a sandwich doesn’t sound half bad, if you’ve got good company to share it with.”