Wow. Just Wow.

I find myself for the second week in a row with ideas whirling and distractions aplenty and the desire to write a thoughtful piece present but low on my list of priorities.

Over the last week I have secured a venue for a party, had a fan-fucking-tastic duo with my good friend Claire, had a beloved client gift me a session with a colleague (I got to work on her), made some beautiful new connections over brunch, spent some time with family, driven across the state and back, stayed pleasantly busy with my beloveds, talked through some very complex thoughts, got inspired, got excited, got exhausted, and finally realized that it was Thursday and I haven’t written a post yet!

Alas I won’t get around to writing much more than this. My newsletter will have a bit more detail and a little hello from women’s marcher me but for now, I can only say thank you, until next time.

I’m off to eat some wholesome homemade chicken soup (yes, the noodles are homemade as well) and go out for some quality time with my parter and a single boozy beverage. I didn’t quite make it to my birthday without renewing my relationship with coffee, wine, and beef but I am being very careful and will continue that for the rest of my long long life.