Weather Report

Nothing puts me in a black mood like gray weather. Seattle, again, has teased us with a few beautiful weeks of sunny, very nearly warm weather in February and early March, then turned her back on us like the capricious vixen that she is. Over the last week we’ve seen hot sun and icy rain both in the same day. I’m over it!!

I’ve actually been keeping my curtains drawn and my blinds down to shut out the wan light and make room for the warm buttery gold of the lighting in here. With a few candles lit, scattered low lighting around the room, the heater turned up, and a hot cup of tea in your hands it’s easy to leave the chilly drizzle behind.

The kind of rain Seattle rains doesn’t deter me. I’m a huge fan of using my own two feet to get me where I’m going. If it’s misting, I walk through it. If it’s pouring, I step under an awning and glare moodily for a few minutes until it stops.

My friend in Hawaii says it’s not been much better there, even, and I don’t want to go visit the desert just to get away from the gross weather. So here I sit, in my cozy chair, trying to keep my spirits up. Yesterday that looked like a lively pilates class and some warm snuggling. Today it’ll be an invigorating massage and an hour or so at the spa, heating it up in soothing silence as steam wraps itself around me and drips off my body.

I hope you’re in the same mood. My place up high, overlooking the city, is warm and pleasant and delightfully devoid of cold wet. Only warm wet, here.