Thank God it’s Over!

Tax Season, I mean. Corralling documents, shuffling money to the right accounts, waiting with bated breath for the accountant to reply…. done. All over.

The rain is gone for now, the sun is shining, my life is filling back up again with friends and volunteer opportunities, and my trips out to Eastern Washington are beginning. And it’s about time. My trip to Hawaii in January only delayed the inevitable; I’ve spent much of the last three months in the doldrums, spa days and sweet gentlemen only barely staving off ennui.

But no longer! As my days fill up again, the lifeblood of summer travel brings us back to each other again and again. By september I’ll have forgotten the entire month’s income I had to sign away to Uncle Sam, the slow, sad passing of grey, clod days. I’ll be ready for the season of warm fires and long books.

Until then, Welcome summer and so long, tax season!