Velvet: Round Two

For our friend’s birthday a year or two ago, Danielle and I so saturated our darling friend with sensation that he lost his ability to speak for a moment. I wrote about it because of how powerful the experience was. At the time, I simply assumed her energy broke through so vigorously all the time but I have since realized that, as with many, many other occasions, the long standing friendship and respect opened the floodgates. This is what happens when, over the course of four, five, or more years our clients earn our trust, respect, and friendship.

It started at a small Halloween Soiree where, among others, Tanuki (Caroline), Danielle, myself, and our mutual friend Velvet mingled. Someone made a joke about having all three of us for his birthday and you know me; my mind flew forward. A few words in the right ears and in a remarkably short amount of time (meaning a week or two instead of a month or two) we had all four sorted our schedules and settled the details. He brought donuts, I brought du fromage et du Prosecco (some cheese and some bubbles), Danielle brought little seafood nibbles, and Caroline brought a bottle of tawny port and some sweet Muscat grapes which just happened to be in season..

Standing around in the kitchen watching the four different energy levels rise and fall to meet each other, I felt a little shy, haha. For those who know me, you understand why I chuckle at that. We only have four hours and four bodies to work with and I have a lot of plans and I’m having a hard time getting naked! I mean, not too hard, but harder than usual.

Some friendly frottage and casual kissing leads all four up a flight of stairs to the massage table. Looking behind us I can see a trail of jeans, sweaters, and socks from the kitchen and I smile to myself. I’m not a fan of blow-by-blow recounts of personal, very special events; suffice it to say we made very good use of a solid, sensational, casual yet very sexy 45 minutes or so after which we all needed a moment to recover. Given the energetic combination it was a long, slow burn with some serious fireworks scattered throughout and I had as much fun playing with my colleagues as with our cashmere companion. With all three of us giving but not accepting touch, the poor guy didn’t stand a chance.

During the afterglow I made known my personal goal for the night: at our location was a large soaking tub with jets and a hand-held shower head. I led the charge up yet another flight of stairs into what quickly became a swampy, sweetly scented, bubbly, private steam room where we fed each other odds and ends brought from the kitchen and chatted. We all four adore each other and I have a tremendous amount of professional respect for my colleagues. With three and a half of us overflowing the tub and one sitting off to the side, we soaked until our toes turned into little pink raisins. I’d have stayed longer but the water got cold. Sigh.

On request and as a special favor, someone produced a jug of nuru gel and a waterproof mattress cover. Oh. My. God. That shit is fun. And messy. But fun! Round two of the evening was a playful, joyous, giggling mess. Less sizzle and pop and more goofy, sexy because we’re friends, chilly, frictionless, pressurized pleasure party. At one point, Danielle gave me a nudge and I swooshed from headboard to foot right between our friend’s knees! He planted a hand on either side of Caroline and myself and we spun like naked little tops over and over. We all almost fell off at one point or another but it didn’t matter, it was all in good fun.

We exhausted ourselves, stopped moving, and started to dimple with the chill so we all took turns in the shower and followed our trail back down, down the stairs into the kitchen where we donned the last few articles, gave our friend huge happy birthday hugs, and grinned.

I am incredibly fortunate to have in my life people willing to make time for pleasure and play like this. People I get to know over several years, people who listen and care and for whom I will bend over backwards to be with. At the end of the night, our grins weren’t just for the payoff, they were for the mere fact of our existence. That four hours fooling around was the most productive thing most of us did that day. That our lives are such that this sort of thing is not only possible, but happens easily, without effort or concern. We grinned in disbelief and in contentedness.

Special events like this can’t happen right away. Much of our willingness to orchestrate this get together relied on mutual respect and long standing relationships. Sometimes chemistry never does ignite and they can’t happen at all. But when it does, when we’ve racked up enough hours and become easy with one another while holding space for respect, then a whole world of possibilities opens up.