Updates and Rambles

New post! First substantive post in ages and I apologize to those who attempt to follow my blog for the total lack of updates over the last little while. Classes have kept me busy enough that my free time has been spent in mindless game mode and also staying up too late and being sluggish in the morning.

You may have noticed some updates to my website. I have removed the policies/procedures page and added an FAQ page. I feel the informality of FAQs serves me better than the intimidation of a formal policies page. It is a fine line to walk between inviting the shy to participate fully in a sensual and entertaining experience and discouraging those feeling as if their special snowflake qualities allow them to ignore, bend, or attempt to break my comfort zone. The vast majority of you do not fall into this category. I can assure you, if you enter my space with anticipation but no expectation, you are not among the benders or the breakers.

I have also made some changes to my rate structure. Because of the convenience and general awesomeness of my new incall, I am happy to roll out a 60 minute sensual touch experience. I have been on an evolutionary path towards being a therapeutic massage practitioner and in that journey I began to focus more on the deep tissue therapeutic massage than the lighter, more teasing sensual aspect. I realize that it takes different strokes for different folks and so I am beginning to (continuing on the evolutionary trend) diverge in session type from one common ancestor to two general descendants: FBSM and FBST.

When I think Full Body Sensual Massage, I think a quiet room, soft music, dim lighting, and firm strokes stretching and kneading the tension from your back, legs, and shoulders. There is a moment (or ten ;-P) of sensual contact between two bodies, one atop the other, pressing our selves together in tranquility and mounting arousal, then a release and a slow descent, all in the atmosphere of quiet, dim calm. The social aspect is downplayed or reserved for before/after and the arousal and release are part of the relaxation therapy, not the focus of the session. Your responsibility in this session is to relax and allow yourself to be pampered and treated, as you richly deserve. In order to address your entire body fully, without rushing, I find ninety minutes is the least I can manage.

When I imagine Full Body Sensual Touch, I think of giggling, moving, back and forth between teasing and tickling, flirtation, sustained arousal, interaction, and more vibrant energy. I imagine sharing a drink and a huge hug, lots of kissing and perhaps some hot grinding. It’s all about full body contact between two people restricting themselves to their teenaged experiences of fumbling enthusiasm and ‘chaste’ activity. I feel the naughty delight of holding ourselves back and taking pleasure in touch, wherever it may lead.

Keep in mind that these are two descendants of the same session. There will always be shared characteristics between the two, but I have (finally) realized that there are two very different ‘vibes’ for two very different sessions. I am able to create either experience and a range of experiences in between, I only need to know which suits your mood better. You can always change your mind or combine aspects of both, there are no hard and fast rules here.

As always, social time either on the couch or in the little cuddle closet (the one at the new place is much smaller, more like a ‘lounge closet’ so be aware) is always an available addition before or after at 50/hh. I highly encourage social time before a therapeutic session to give your mind time to clear. I also encourage you to consider ‘dessert’ first as the endorphin release can be a great assistant in the relaxation response. I’m developing a case study idea involving the benefits of release before/after therapeutic touch to enhance relaxation effects. I’ll publish more once I get it solidified and hone the techniques I need to accurately track progress. I’ll be soliciting volunteers once I get the experimental design ready 😉

This blog post started with this thought, then I derailed it with my updates. In any case, I hope you enjoy my mind rovings 🙂

Are you a spiritualist or a skeptic? I ask because the explanation which makes sense is different for the two, but the outcome is the same.

For the spiritualist: We are connected deeply to each other and feel each other’s energy flows. We pick up on signals our bodies give each other and those signals, those first few signals we send each other, dictate in a great deal how we relate to one another. If our energy comes from a place of reservation, shyness, or insecurity, we convey that fearful energy to those we meet. We tell them we are afraid and make ourselves vulnerable to them. If we carry strong, confident energy, we send signals that people respond to. This is why leaders can be wrong, evil, ineffective, and contradictory yet we follow them regardless: they carry strong, confident energy and it overwhelms our own. Their spirit captures ours and subjugates it in small and big ways. By projecting our own strong energy, we can counteract that effect and allow ourselves to step back from a situation’s energy and make decisions based on thought and reason.

For the skeptic: There was a time in human history when we were not able to speak. Communicate, yes, but form words or language, no. In order for a highly social species to cooperate and survive, we relied on cues from motions and body language in addition to what vocalizations we could create. Those subtle cues are present to this day but because we rely so heavily on words and voices, we forget the impact nonverbal communication has on our instinctive responses. When we encounter someone taller and larger, we already assume a subordinate role. Those who find themselves often in this position establish habitual compensating behavioral patterns such as loud speech or emotional shields or a tendency towards victimhood. When we encounter someone who holds their head high and their shoulders back in proper posture we respond to their posture of authority. If we can consciously change our posture and nonverbal signals to project images of intelligence and authority, the instinctive reaction we experience are those of deference and respect. Of course that’s not all there is to it, but similarly to the pleasure response we feel even from imitation laughter, the image we project will change the responses we attract.

Anyway, just riffing on an idea I had while reading one of my school’s books.

Speaking of books: I recently finished “At Basilisk Station” and another book I’ve already forgotten. I’m swinging in my lazy/motivated cycle more towards the motivated side so hopefully we will see more updates as time moves on. We shall see ;-P