Up, up, and away!!!! and announcements

Today is the day. I’ve scheduled this to post as I’m driving out to Eastern Washington for two weeks. School is done, paperwork is signed, things are in place to hit the ground running upon my return. I hope schedules are scheduled and screening is screened because you won’t hear from me until august 1 and no one will see me until the third. I’m going to take in sunshine, grilled meat, and mixed drinks in equal measures as I go off the grid with a stack of New Yorker magazines and a series of high fantasy novels. See you guys when I get back!

I have some fun announcements to make that go into effect as of Monday August 3:

I have a standard schedule now.
Sunday from 10a-7p or so
Monday off
Tuesday from 8a-noon
Wednesday from 8a-8p
Thursday off
Friday from 8a-8p
Saturday off
I will still keep my calendar up to date, but this is a general guideline.

I’m offering a new session style. It may not appeal to those of you who have grown accustomed to my more GFE style FBST sessions but for those who just need to relax and enjoy the ministrations of a pretty girl with skilled hands and don’t want to think or move for an hour, this is just the thing.

Massage with a happy moment:
This doesn’t include kissing, mutual touch of any kind, prolonged teasing, or body surfing. It’s a fully nude massage (draping optional) where we identify an area of concern, treat it, and either begin or end the massage with your sexual release. Massage is relaxation style or treatment style, whichever you wish.
60 minutes: 160
90 minutes: 220
120 minutes: 280 (may include two releases)

New rates for FBST as you’ve all come to know and love is as follows:
60 minutes: 220
90 minutes: 300
120 minutes: 360
Longer session available on a case by case basis.
Shorter sessions by special announcement only.
New friends add 30 minutes of social time (50/hhr)

New rates are subject to a ‘happy hour’ special. Any sessions falling completely within 8a-4p on a weekday or 10a-5p on Sundays are subject to 20$ off.

Of course those of you who already know and love it are grandfathered in at my previous rates. Grandfathered rates are not eligible for ‘happy hour’.

Add prostate Massage to any session for 40$ Can be added at time of service. Never done it and curious? I’m happy to work within your comfort level to discover if you like it or not. Either way, first timers try it free. I use powder free nitrile gloves in midnight black to keep us both happy and healthy and to help mitigate the mental ick factor that often bars us from exploring pleasure.
I’m happy to accommodate toys you bring and am open to suggestions for a collection of my own.

While I love gifts, tippng is not necessary. I charge what I feel is right for my time and I realize my rates are on the high end. While I won’t say no, instead of leaving extra cash think of bringing flowers, staying mindful of our time, donating to a charity of your choice, or simply prolonging your relaxation experience by treating yourself at home to a hot bath with some epsom salts and a bit of quality dark chocolate.