Too much?

I’m writing an erotica story loosely based off a ‘could have been’ from back in college. My problem with erotica is that I never believe the circumstances leading up to the naughty bits. I might have overcompensated. Here’s an excerpt. What do you think?
The squeaky wheels of a loaded cart warned the girls of an incoming arrival. As if summoned by their naughty chatter, the subject of their interest entered the laboratory following a load of equipment destined for cleaning. While Matt wasn’t especially tall, he was well muscled, the slope of his shoulders visible even through the stained and acid-scarred lab coat. His thick dark hair was in that middle ground between wavy and curly and strong eyebrows framed striking green eyes.

“Good evening, ladies. I won’t be in your way for long.”

“You’re not in the way, don’t worry” Jenny said as she caught Rachel’s eye, winked, and grinned. “Actually, we were just talking about you.”

Rachel nudged her lab partner and gave her a warning glance but the only reply to her warning was mischief.

“Oh?” Matt flushed and busied himself with the autoclave.

“We were just wondering what it might be like to vacation down in Mexico around this time of year. I saw some beach photos on someone’s Facebook page. Looked fun.”

Matt’s blush deepened. He hadn’t realized someone had published the shots of him, bare-chested and grinning in the bright beachside sun, arms around a pair of pretty, richly toned girls. He was pretty sure there weren’t photos of some of his wilder activities while out of the country but these days you never know what’s on the Internet.

“Yeah. It was very… relaxing.”

The conversation lulled and for a moment the only sounds were the click of Petri dishes and the hiss of steam sterilizing equipment in the autoclave.

Jingling keys from down the hall announced the night security guard as he made his rounds, checking rooms and locking doors. “Hey guys, I’m locking up for the night. Are you about done here?” The security guard poked his head in the lab and recognized the occupants. “Oh, Matt, good. You have a key, right?”

“I do for the front door but not this lab.”

“I’ll just lock it and you guys can close it behind you? I’ll lock the front door on my way out so you don’t have to worry about anyone else; you’re the last ones in the building.”

“Sounds good, Steve. Thanks.”

Jenny nudged Rachel. In 10 minutes they would be the only ones in the entire building, sure of their privacy should they need it. As Matt continued his work, the girls had a silent conversation of meaningful looks and nudges. The seed had been planted by some Facebook friend, watered by the security guard’s trust and their isolation, and it was for them to successfully harvest the results.

“I like the idea of vacationing in a warm place. I never really did like wearing clothes but I’d be too cold to run around here in a bikini.” Jenny was obviously talking to Rachel as if Matt couldn’t hear but just as obviously loud enough that he could.

“Plus there’s the bonus of being in a place where you can do anything without worrying about what people think. If we ran around naked here we’d have to deal with what other people think” Rachel added. Though less forward with boys than Jenny was, the idea of snaring both her best friend and this handsome young man was too tempting to pass up. Her imagination was firing, her pussy starting to notice.

Jenny loved the chase as much as the catch and having her best friend as both wing woman and participant energized and emboldened her. “No kidding. How about you, Matt? Did you get to go a little wild when you didn’t have to worry about the cold or other people’s opinions?”

Matt had been on his toes since Jenny’s greeting. He was conservative in who and how he pursued but he knew enough of women’s flirting to pick up on the cues they were giving him. To say that he had never imagined what the two of them might get up to in the dorms late at night would be both unreasonable and untrue but his status as their teacher and his professional ethics prevented him from pursuing those daydreams. His moral compass was enough to keep him from pursuing but he wasn’t beyond being chased. “I did meet a few really wonderful people who I think shared your opinion on clothing. It was a nice change from the snowpants and parkas I see around here.”

“Oh I know. I’m looking forward to spring when we can see you in that t-shirt again.” Jenny had teased him about a t-shirt he had leftover from his high school days that still fit, but didn’t hide much. He had worn it under his lab coat during class once and after, she got a good look.

“What were you, the Tigers?” Inquired Rachel. “What a sleek mascot. Do you still think of yourself as a tiger?”