SASS was brilliant!!!

Thursday from noon to four they held a health fair. I missed most of it but did arrive in time to hear about ‘yoni steam’ and say hi to everyone. Held at Gay City in their auditorium, there was education, camaraderie, and some fun reconnections. (Like my incredible massage therapist!)

Friday afternoon I attended an Allies meeting where Emi Koyama, SWOP’s new employee, is coordinating organizations into a coalition to support the safety of people involved in the sex industry. I met some really powerful women representing some excellent local organizations and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one in the room with the wheels turning.

Friday night we heard from activist and transgender sex worker Cayenne, Defense attorney Zach, Coalition coordinator Emi, Gender Justice League activist and porn performer Tobi, and The director of the Butterfly Project at ‘The Harms of Prostitution: Voices From Within the Sex Trade’. Savanna Sly lifted the title from a recent anti-sex work town hall in order to broaden the appeal to abolitionist attendees. I had a Lot of feelings and opinions about the messages but overall I felt great walking away from it. One audience member asked what I called ‘the triggering question’ which is “I have a smart female friend who thinks all prostitution should be banned in order to limit or decrease the amount of exploitation. What would you tell her?” The poor guy got swamped after the panel by Sarah Nicole, Mistress Katherine, and a few others, myself included. Fortunately, like me, he enjoys spirited discussions and felt comfortable amid this cluster of powerful women (as I say this it’s possible that he didn’t recognize their power). I described him as part of the ‘well intentioned middle class’ and he agreed wholeheartedly. I would have loved to sit and chat for hours but by this time it was late and time to rest up for…

The Harlot’s Ball!!! Saturday night at a private club we had erotic dancers, kink stations, a kissing booth, and my friend Numina selling raffle tickets (20$ to wrap a string of tickets around her bust line. It was a VERY good deal). We saw Lady Vi in feathers and flats, Clara Turing in gold lamee and fishnet, myself in jeans and black velvet, Tanuki in rich velvet laced up the side, Savanna in her evil wombat costume, Sierre Cirque in a black and white checked body suit with tempting zipper placement, and dozens more sexy, sensual, and high styling folks heating up the dance floor. I saw a few get flogged, some energetic entertainers on stage, and the most sensuous, sexy kiss on the cheek I’ve ever served before. Maggie has some mad skills, I’ll tell you. And also I may have gotten mostly naked on stage for a minute. You know me: any chance to be the center of attention andI’m all over it.

Sunday I spent nearly the whole day surrounded by loving fellow practitioners. We had a legal workshop presented by Michelle Scudder, talented and sensitive defense attorney, and then just hung out talking for a while. I finally met the aptly named Sexy Bexy and WOW is her visage one to launch ships! I also met this charming pixie of a provider who I very much would like to work with. Of course, I don’t remember her name and she has my card but I don’t have hers. We shall see if she chooses to reach out.

Sunday evening was the Art of Activism show where Vee Chatty and Savanna Sly got to strut their stuff. I didn’t attend the event but I’ve seen their work before and I love their creativity, playfulness, and inclusivity. They weren’t the only artists, I know, but anyone who went to the show please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

I and many others are happy to see Savanna return. Her charisma and exuberance complements talents already present here in Seattle and the political climate here is vibrant and volatile. I’m really happy to have seen this year’s Sex Work Symposium and I encourage you all to attend or donate to next year’s. It will fall on national sex worker’s rights day again, so early March, and is well worth the cost of entry.