Musing is my Meditation

Life is weird. Sometimes it’s crazy, sometimes boring, but my life at least seems awfully weird when I talk to my friends who don’t have one like it. I was teasing Claire that we should switch jobs for a day. I can wake up at six, dress in sharp feminine business attire, manage an office for eight hours, then come meet a client for some erotic Bodywork. She can wake up at 8:30, browse Reddit for an hour, don leggings and a boxy sweater, board a bus at ten, spend an hour or so lounging nude with a charming young gent, take a long bath, play with another girl for another few hours, take a nap, practice her French, eventually put clothes on, board another bus and head home. You always want what you don’t have, huh?

Outside, the wind tatters the sidewalk and rain cracks the windows. People with ‘normal’ jobs pass by in their air freshened, engine warmed envelopes as they, most oblivious but some with a shared secret, return from their day. My days blend together sometimes. I remember your face and your cock but not always your name. My assistant, perfectly efficient and pleasantly firm, keeps me busy in person. My precious hour between my beaux; a chance to wind myself up again, stress over who is right on the internet, forget all the things I’m supposed to do. Your missive “I just parked” breaking the shackles of my manufactured online world.

Alice, Verona, Matisse, Caroline… I crave time with you and forget to tell you. Much needed feminine feedback after my daily dose of testosterone. So close and yet schedules so far off.

Twangy tunes fiddle overhead; someone with mediocre but particular taste pumped the juke box. My drink cools as my salad warms and my thoughts drop with the rain. Autocorrect makes my words curiouser. (Typing on my phone because I no longer carry a satchel with my iPad in it. Hurt my shoulders.) The Cue cracks and rattles across the felt as the heating unit hums off and on.

I feel good. Not complacent but content. Content with my present but even more: content with my future. Looking forward towards goals and events with calm excitement. Enjoying that I can take a moment in between then and there to breathe, eat, drink, and enjoy.

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  1. You are an amazing writer. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences.

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