Rev: Ivy Quill

LOCATION: My place on First Hill
DATE: Yesterday
NAME: Ivy Quill, Née Emily L’Amour
ACCURATE PICTURE: Absolutely, and recent
AGE: 13 months younger than me
PERSONALITY: Big, expansive, enthusiastic, authentic
RACE: Garden variety white girl, just like me
BODY TYPE: Petite, slender, short
WEIGHT: Not even gonna guess. Her proportions are the same as mine
HEIGHT: An inch or two shorterr than me. Perfect for some serious heels
BUST: 32D, firm, pierced, sensitive to flicks and nibbles
WAIST: Trim and feminine
HIPS: slightly flared from her slender waist, the perfect stripper booty and she knows how to work it
HAIR: Dark, long on top but shaved close on the sides, very alt/suicide girl
EYES: Bright eyes with hyuuuge lashes
FEET: Clean and petite, painted
SKIN TONE: Perhaps a shade darker than me in the winter, few shades lighter than tan me
TRIMMING: We’re basically bush twins. Carpet in the den, hardwood in the dining room
TATTOOS: several, tasteful, each with a story
SCARS: A few pretty ones on a hip and a forearm.
PIERCINGS: Ears, Nose, Lip, Nipples, and I think that’s it, haha
MOLES/BIRTHMARKS: Nothing I noticed
CLOTHES: A cute black tank, a loose gray skirt, a long cardigan, and the cutes little red panties
MOANER OR A SCREAMER: LOTS of dirty talk. Quiet pouty moans when she’s getting close.
ENERGY LEVEL DURING THE SESSION: medium for me. We kept each other busy while our boy recuperated and she didn’t flag even after receiving some attentive ministrations from me.
MULTI SHOTS DURING THE HOUR: I have a hunch that she, like me, is willing, depending on where you are.
ACCEPTS FRENCH: Heh hehe heh. Yum.
KISSES: Freaking hot. Tongue, lips, breath, all the good stuff
FRENCH: See above 😉
GREEK: Some restrictions apply
RUSSIAN: Probably. It wouldn’t be high on my list given all her other fantastic talents
DO’s or DON’T’s: DO be nice, DO communicate well, DON’T be a jerk
SCREENING PROCESS: References, not sure of other options
PHONE: She will provide at her discretion
RATES: 400/600/800 for 60/90/120 minutes
RECOMMEND: If you’ve ever been curious about a smaller, louder, alt-version of me, she is it
COMMENTS: I’ve known Ivy for a while off and on and we’ve always been curious to get together and bang each other but our social circles are such that we don’t bump into each other often. Twitter, the marvelous platform for flirting, finally cemented the deal. We only had an hour to work with and if you’re reading this you know how I feel about short appointments but we freaking filled it with fooling around.
It started with her treating us to a little strip tease. She, like me, started as a stripper and she’s still got the moves, even without the heels. As she twirled and twerked around my studio, I struggled with conflicting desires to get up and dance with her and get down with our lovely boy. We took turns showing off our skills with hands, mouths, and words. At least, I was showing off for her, haha!
After a bit, our dear friend needed a break to cool off so I took the chance to wash up a bit, don some gloves (no one likes fingernails where I was planning to go), and lay her back to lavish some attention on her. I always love learning a new body, even under such truncated circumstances. I wish I had had more time but the five or ten minutes we had to work with were enough to watch and feel her clench around my ersatz cock and hear her gasping. I’m never sure when working with a new friend what their orgasms look like but if that wasn’t one, I’d be surprised and regardless, she said she enjoyed it and I choose to take that at face value.
We must have put on a good show because it didn’t take much longer for the three of us to collapse in a sweaty, panting heap.
That was the most surprising thing: me and our friend sat back recovering and Ivy, energy unabated, answered the question “tell me about your tattoos” with a bright and fast overview of each bit of ink. It’s spread out enough that even if you’re not a big fan of tattoos, they don’t detract from her trim little curves or her silky porcelain skin.
After our friend headed home, we chatted a bit before she took off for lunch. She and I share similar values, specifically around our respect for, enjoyment of, and ethical behavior within our industry. We’r both good, giving, and game and we’re both learning to take better care of ourselves and our clients. We’re both excited to meet new people and do new things and while she’s embraced her big voice and boisterous personality, I’ve been trying to slow down, meditate and become quieter. My aversion to pain and permanent marks means I’ve shied from piercings and tattoos and she’s taken the chance to express herself and her love on her skin. Aside from the superficial, we look very, very similar. We have the same body type, she’s just on a slightly smaller scale, we have similar hair color and style, mine is a bit more strawberry blonde and more mainstream, we both prefer the natural, less made up looks for similar reasons and we both have that soft, creamy skin. We even take the same approach to personal grooming, haha!
Ivy is a sweetheart, totally game, a tiny bombshell of a porn star, and a smart fucking chick. I like her, though she’s one of those people I can only keep up with for a few hours at a time, haha. She’s humble but not timid, loud but not brash, pretty without being fake, and overall a really good time.