REV: Cunning Linguist

My relationship with pussy has been tumultuous. I’ve always been a straight girl and I was so not into my own body that over several formative years, I never asked anyone to go down on me and the one time someone offered to, it was his first time and he didn’t like it much, so I never asked again.

Oh boy, do you guys like eating pussy! I never would have thought that it would be so popular or that the smell, the taste, the sensory feedback would be so intense.

The first time I tried going down on another girl, it was in a duo. The poor girl had razor burn and I had no idea what I was doing but she was a good sport and put up with my tongue mashing as my client’s thrusts from behind pushed me around. I came, but I’m pretty sure she didn’t.

Until recently, it’s been pretty much like that: my inexpert lip smacking bringing not pleasure, exactly, but at least a great show!

In a few recent duos, I’ve had the chance to give some un distracted, 1:1 attention to my lady friend while our boy is recuperating and watches. Taking Nina Hartley’s how-to video into account and listening to breathing patterns, bucking hips, and some verbal directions, I was able to experience the art of lickin’ on the clits. WOW!!

First off, I was vindicated in my own grooming practices. Hair makes a difference in face comfort when administering the oral and tidy is better. Mine is thick and curly so I keep it trimmed short in the living room and stripped bare in the dining room. It means I have enhanced sensations which is nice in some ways but when it comes to bristling mustaches, not having that protection can make for a scratchy ride. Girl faces don’t have that problem!!

Also, pussy tastes good. Or, more accurately, it tastes like sex and pussy and pleasure and all those things are good so by the transitive property of sex, pussy tastes good. And it tastes different depending on how turned on she is. I could taste a metallic tangy difference between just the way it is when fresh from the shower, when she’s turned on, and after coming.

And the coolest part is feeling the sensation of muscles clenching against my chin and thighs quivering by my ears and the sounds of gasping and moaning and crying out…. Just wow. Yet another lovely reason to promote duos! I only wish I had a cock so I could feel those muscles and that slippery wet…. Sigh.

Now not everyone likes eating pussy and that’s totally fine. If you’re not accustomed to the smell or the taste it can be a bit jarring at first. Sometimes you come see a provider specifically so you can just kick back and enjoy the ride. This isn’t to convince you, it’s to let everyone else know that I finally get it, haha.