Back to Earth

Well, I made it. Two weeks, 65 pounds of beast flesh, 22 guests, and a whole lot of beer. It’s time for a cleanse, haha! Knowing myself, I’ll last about four days.

But seriously, though, I’m going to be taking it easy for the next little while diet-wise and making myself more available to my beloveds for fun and games before my next grand adventure. Yes, that’s right, I’m only here for 17 days before I leap once more into the unknown of gasp a road trip!!!

I’ll be driving down to LA and back, hoping to hit up Crater Lake, Big Sur, and the Redwoods somewhere in there. It’ll take me just about two weeks and then I’m back for real. I might take a few long weekends in some warm places and there will be one more trip out to Eastern Washington but this adventurer is going to settle into some more domestic ones for a while.

I’m already looking forward to cold nights covered in quilts sipping mulled wine and watching the fire crackling in the fireplace. Long evenings reading quietly and assuaging cabin fever with a little vitamin D, if you know what I mean, har har har. Ok, yeah, that was bad.

While I am here, I have a lovely lady friend visiting for PAX (Penny Arcade Expo. Big nerd convention starting next Thursday). My newsletter recipients have seen a glimpse already but she’s not going public until she’s had a chance to test the waters, as it were. We were chatting a few weeks ago and she mentioned she’d always been curious to try this work but as a social worker, she’s only ever seen ladies of the night at the end of their ropes, never stable and reliable. So she and I are going to try a few fun things and we’ll see where it goes! If she decides to get going for reals I’ll make it known.

Not much else to announce. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and thinking but haven’t written much of it down. Some of Claire’s meditation practice has rubbed off, I think, as I’ve been more quietly thoughtful recently than I’m used to. It’s an odd feeling, almost like getting high, where I take the world in but feel no pressure to process it and respond.Very peaceful. Hopefully I can turn it to good use.

I hope to see you sometime in the next few weeks but if not, we’ll make time again soon, I’m sure.