My dream duo

Last night I had the most vivid dream. One of my beloved regulars asked to set up a duo with Miss Endza Ash. She and I have only met a few times but I’m always pleased to get cozy with new lady friends so I agreed and we set up a time. The location was my grandmother’s living room back in Montana but she wasn’t home so at least it wasn’t awkward. We began, all nude, with me lying on my back, her kissing her way down my body, our client’s cock in my hand. Her kisses were so thorough, so soft, so electric that she didn’t even make it to my downstairs mixup before both me and the watching client burst into hot orgasm. I got cum in my hair. We all three sat naked on a couch after where we chatted and I discovered that she is the daughter of now infamous porn star James Deen, though obviously reluctant to let it be known. It did, however, make sense that she should inherit an intense sexuality. She had to leave early to go to a concert given by someone, it wasn’t clear who exactly, performing science entertainment. Both myself and our client were devastated but pleased to have had what time we did.

I was compelled to write this immediately upon waking but still many of the quirky details that made my dream so remarkable have already faded. My impressions, gathered from a browse through her twitter feed and reorganized by my subconscious, were of a strikingly attractive, appealingly odd nerd so sexually advanced that mere kisses start fires. Sometimes my mind does things like that. You’d be surprised how many of you come and go in my dreams.