Massage Plus or FBST

You open the door to find a Long hallway complete with red carpet and at the quiet thud of the door behind you a face appears from the kitchen. “Welcome” she says as she comes around the corner. A thin black robe conceals the majority of the young woman but you can see her soft legs invitingly peeking from the hem and her open, welcoming face. “I’ve been looking forward to this all morning. Would you like tea, coffee, water, or perhaps something a bit warmer?” she says with a wink. You know from last time there is always something around to warm your belly.

The shower is hot and you begin to relax already, memory and anticipation melding together like spices into mulled wine. When you emerge from the bathroom clad in a big fluffy towel she greets you again with a chaste kiss and a mug of warm comfort. Soft French jazz coming from behind a closed door holds promise as the two of you sit on the couch to sip your drinks and catch up, establish sore spots, and enjoy a little face time.

The sheets on the table are smooth and cool. The candles on the shelves warm and make the room glow as if you’re in a dream. The oil on your back is slick and the hands are soft but firm. The conversation drifts in and out as your muscles begin to release the tension of holiday shopping and the stresses of work. You catch a glimpse in the mirrors of a face, a leg, the smooth curve of her bosom or hip as she moves around you, helping you stretch and relax, the oil drizzling across your back and spilling onto the sheets.

With a few words and a naughty little smile she lets you know you’re ready. Before the relaxation wears off, you’re lying on your back, enjoying as your arousal rises under her skilled and playful hands. There’s a look in her eye that tells you she likes it. She loves watching as you respond to her touch as much as she did when it was designed to soothe and relax. There is a rhythm to it, a cresting wave you can watch in the muscles and the eyes, the sound of someone enjoying themselves, totally selfish, absorbed, pampered, pleasured. The wave crests in a moment of slick, dirty, gorgeous release and after taking a moment to regain your senses, you open your eyes to a satisfied grin, a warm cloth, and a moment of closeness in the afterglow. The rest of your body is well attended; arms and hands, shoulders and feet all receiving her talented and well-schooled ministrations.

The shower after is relaxed, a moment to remember and savor the best parts. You emerge to a drink refreshed to keep you warm and hydrated and a kiss, less chaste than before. You are warm and safe and sexy. Those knots you’ve been trying to work out for ages have been calmed for a while and the endorphins from the final rush add to the glow. You savor those last few moments, looking forward to floating through the rest of the day and to the next time you can treat yourself to ninety minutes of warm, firm, sensual heaven. You chat of trifles and promise to come back soon, back to the hands waiting to warm you and that naughty little smile, waiting to devour you 😉

Or maybe next time you choose a higher energy option. Instead of a slow, soft greeting you find your lips and lap occupied within moments of opening the door. You’re reminded of that high school girlfriend; a good little Christian girl with a sinful appetite. You never quite went too far but even through her jeans she used you shamelessly. You lose your clothes with no delay and chase her to the table. Firm hands and full body strokes are less relaxing, more teasing teasing as you feel breasts, lips, and fingertips sliding across slippery skin and roaming into all sorts of naughty places. You can feel her weight as you become her personal jungle gym, knees and hips joining hands and arms to knead and tease, prolonging your arousal. Sweet nothings drift to your ears and your hot breath makes you both shiver. It’s been both forever and no time at all when her weight gently slips off of you and it’s time to roll to your back. You turn over and the sight is a welter of curves, smoldering eye contact, and the candles shining on thick streams of coconut oil. Breath, breasts, arms, hands, belly, and thighs all create their own sensations as she rides you and shares deep, long kisses. Your breath rises high and fast together. This isn’t your ordinary sensual massage, this is the closest thing to sex you can find without actually having it. You move together and the resultant mess is a sign of your satisfaction. You have time, still, to relax and receive some deep therapeutic bodywork on your hands and feet before washing off the aftermath and dressing again. If you’ve chosen to stay long enough there may even be time for round two, but that’s up to the mood and the moment. Next time you’ll have to opt for the relaxation style again; you’ve got to save your strength for this high energy seduction.