Sticky Sweet Sweat

“Gross. I hate getting sweaty during sex.”

Oh girl. You don’t even know…

When we start, we’re both clean and dry. My studio might be a bit warm but a cool shower brings our temperature down and some cold water or iced tea serves to quench the heat as we reacquaint ourselves.

Words turn to kisses, kisses turn to caresses, and sooner than we imagined we’re skin to skin and a flush has come to our cheeks. Every now and again I’m lazy and relax into your touch but I am no passive lover and before long I add dripping, cooling sweat to the sensations you bring me.

My thighs gripping your hips are slick and I move across you quickly and easily. We move effortlessly against each other, shiny where my breath gathers as I moan and swear and heave. I can feel the cool ripple of your sighs across my back as our bodies fuse in a hot, wet, slippery lake. And icy drop falls from your forehead onto my back. You watch the color and sheen rise on my chest, neck, face, I oblivious to my tells. You’re salty with fresh sweat, the sweet healthy kind you get from a heavy workout. I’ll lick my lips after we’re done, cooling in the afterglow, and smile at the visceral reminder of our flesh together.

The smell of sex and hot skin drifts around the room and eventually out the window. We catch our breath and start to mumble sweet reminders. We drink more, now warmed by the room and time. We start to feel sticky. A simple, cool shower rinses away the salt but not the glow.

Tomorrow you’ll break a sweat for some reason. The weather, a long flight of stairs, a nerve wracking meeting… Doesn’t matter. Maybe it’ll feel good, workout sweat, a flush of heat, a sensation that mimics what we shared the day before. Maybe it’ll be terrible, sticky and inappropriate, and you’ll long for the unabashed nakedness and the cool shower of yesterday.

Sweat, among other things often seen as gross byproducts of a pleasurable but shameful act, is one of the sexiest, most rewarding, literally hottest signals. When your knees wobble and your face flushes with cooling heat, when you drip on me and stick to me and then wash it away leaving only beautiful memories behind, I am rewarded. I, with my authentic sexual power, have done this to you. Oh man, that feels good.