Duo Rev: Tiny Phryne

LOCATION: My Place in Wallingford

DATE: November 2020

NAME: Tiny Phryne (Fry-nee)


AGENCY OR INDY: Indy, low volume

ACCURATE PICTURE: Totally. Pics are babed up while she’s more chill in person but definitely her.

AGE: Old enough to have a masters degree, young enough to still love meeting new people.

PERSONALITY: Bubbly AF, and genuine.

BODY TYPE: Teeny Tiny. Fit, but soft.

WEIGHT: I couldn’t even begin to guess. Normal for some one who is 4’8”

HEIGHT: Four. Foot. Eight. SOCUTE!!

BUST: Titularly tiny, pierced and perky.


HIPS: Present

HAIR: Dark, veeeeeery long. Looks even longer because, y’know… she’s short.

EYES: Dark and sparkling. She’s an open book and I love it.

FEET: Present

SKIN TONE: Soft and similar to my own

TRIMMING: “She’s so fluffy! She basically enters the room before I do!”

TATTOOS: None that I noticed

SCARS: None that I noticed

PIERCINGS: Ears, multiple times. Nips.

MOLES: I didn’t notice any


CLOTHES: Casual over lingerie. I lent her a sexy robe for fun.

GLASSES: Yes. Perfect nerd chic.

MOANER OR A SCREAMER: Moans and trembles. LOTS of moans and trembles.

ENERGY LEVEL DURING THE SESSION: So high! Just having a blast and loving every minute of it!

MULTI SHOTS DURING THE HOUR: If you could manage it, she’d be down. We were hard pressed to fit one per person in our two hours.


SMOKES: Not that I’m aware of.

DRINKS: Probably would but we had some sparkling water instead.

KISSES: Gentle, passionate, fun.

FRENCH: Rumor of her skill are NOT exaggerated. Mmmmmm.

GREEK: Good question. I doubt it but we didn’t try.

RUSSIAN: Hahahhaahahahahah! I mean, you could try. Downside of ridiculously perky boobs is they don’t smush together very well.

DO’s or DON’T’s: Plan ahead and be polite. Relax, enjoy yourself.

WEB-SITE: tinyphryne.com

SCREENING PROCESS: References or real world screening. She’s on extremely low volume at the moment because 2020 took all our fun away.

PHONE: She will provide at her discretion.

RECOMMEND: She’s SO cute!! And SO fun!! Definitely would recommend and adore a rematch.

COMMENTS: Phryne and I met some time ago at various mixers and I always thought she would be fun. I had also heard from some polite but excited gentleman callers that she has not disappointed so I was looking forward to meeting at a more intimate level. 

She arrived early so we could talk logistics. Instead we showed each other cute animal pictures for 25 minutes. We could have gone on longer but time is time and it passes. Before we knew it, there were three of us robed up, group hugging and getting excited. A three way kiss with such a short person is better accomplished using height equalizing tools so we spent some time seated on my couch, talking and teasing, before I escorted my guests to the bed.

The thing about a threesome with experienced sex havers who dig each other is it feels seamless. Shifting positions, trading places, three way blowjobs, cowgirl plus face sitting, oral round robin, my turn, her turn, his turn (eventually)… it just works. They say in a threesome there’s the giver, the taker, and the sandwich maker. Our sandwich makers were so busy watching the extreme hotness happening in my bed that they forgot to make sandwiches!

Two hours flew by. It was a pleasure to see all three of us slip in and out of gasps and giggles by turn. Phryne is not only well educated, she’s clever and cute and enthusiastic. As a friend of mine put it so well: “She’s got her vagina in the right place.”

Phryne is on my list of ‘please give me an excuse to revisit’ and should be on yours, too. Thank you to the darling gent who was willing to submit to our health needs in order to get us together. She’s keeping a low profile for now but I imagine that, come widespread rollout of vaccines and her accompanying broader availability, y’all may want to get in line to spend some time with this mini-babe.

Quote from our gentleman friend:

“Yesterday is a lot to process. A moment struck me—when you called attention and let us all know what a good job we did. It was either right before or right after we were done. I appreciate that you called that out, because we did. It was horizontal ballet.
Amie, that was the greatest sex I have ever had.”