Cum For Bigfoot, Volumes one and two, by Virginia Wade

I am often blessed by gifts of books that I may not have otherwise picked up, because they reminded the giver of me in some way. I suppose it should come as no surprise that I would eventually come into possession of some unusual erotica. Namely: monster porn. A conversation between myself and a friend turned towards a new trend of amateur authors writing explicit sex scenes between human women and monsters, in this case, obviously Bigfoot.

Volume one follows three young women as they are kidnapped and gently but firmly forced into intercourse with twelve foot tall hairy creatures. Volume two follows the one who chooses to stay with her Bigfoot because she falls in love with him and decides to join he and his tribe in woodsy living, complete with nightly orgies. Both books are a narrated by the young woman as she is pleasured in nearly every chapter by her Bigfoot and often several others as sharing women is not. Unusual in the ‘tribe’.

The plot is only barely believable and features your traditional Stockholm syndrome and of course fantasies including but not limited to double penetration, enormous penises, forced pleasure, forced orgasm, triple penetration, and oral stimulation. The protagonist’s pleasurable experiences are billed as genuine but don’t include much that I think I’d be comfortable with and much that I actively have ethical issues with such as interspecies sex and rape. In additions, the technical aspects of writing and publishing are often just bad. The author uses passive voice which is always and forever a huge no-no, there are chunks of chapters that are repeated bored for word, and the euphemisms are cliche. At least the author uses them sparingly; she mostly uses explicit language which makes the scenes nice and clear. I might have to appropriate some of her language conventions in my own writing 😉

Despite the technical issues, predictable plot, and force fantasies, I find myself responding physically to the mental input and so, despite my better judgement, I have read them both, in full (mostly) about twice now. I don’t have wifi at my studio so when I have a half an hour and nothing to do with it, instead of using up my data with internet videos, I’ll ‘read a book’ for a while. Because of that I have to give them a four out of five on the sexy scale, though they earn a mere one out of five for actual reading pleasure.

This is my frivolous book review. The next one will be of Madame Bovary and is far less fun :-/ I won’t be able to recommend either books for reading for fun.