Authentic Courtesan Experience

There has been a lot of talk over the last year about GFE. What does it mean? Why do we use it? Where did the term come from? I’ve always been a little confused about the term. Most of the people I see already have or had girlfriends or wives. If you want an experience with a girlfriend, why go outside the relationship? I guess that means that it isn’t really a girlfriend experience they seek, it’s something else.

Maybe it’s a polite way of finding a menu. In past discussions some have mentioned that GFE means kissing and hugging, talking, and making it all the way to home base. it’s a way to ensure the client knows mostly what to expect so he can choose a provider whose preferences match his. In the more polite corners of our little world, it’s not really ok to ask what you are and aren’t allowed to do, you have to go by reviews and then just kind of let the situation develop and hope you find someone who clicks. A provider calling herself GFE helps outline the basics of her services, making it easier to choose. Valuable, but not really girlfriend-like.

Perhaps it’s more to indicate the feel of the session. She says GFE so that means she’ll treat you with love and enthusiasm. You can be sure, within reason, that your time together will feel genuine, but not so genuine that she complains about work or has a headache today. It helps build the illusion and smooth over the awkward moments when the economic part of the relationship becomes obvious.

I am of the camp that the GFE acronym is overused. The meaning is too broadly applied. Undefined. I think what people are looking for is the Genuine Escort Experience. We see much of it here in Seattle and we are lucky. We see versions of it in Adelle, Tanuki, Chloe May, Myself, Sarah Nicole, Larissa, and dozens more I can’t think of off the top of my head. All the previous I have met in person. They are women who love sex, love people, and provide a genuine experience. We aren’t your girlfriend. We will never be angry with you because you’ve been away too long, we relish that you have returned. We do not poison your day with venom and spite on our coworkers, we provide a calm space to relax and vent. We do not bore you with routine, we dedicate space and time to your comfort, your relaxation, your desire and lust. This is not a girlfriend experience, this is an enthusiatstic provider experience.

As an enthusiastic provider, I love what I do. There is no farce or facade, there is only a joy and pride in what I do. When I anticipate your call, I am thinking about what will make you feel good. What will make you comfortable. What will make you feel sexy and relaxed. Not to say I don’t make that effort for my partner, but the day to day living makes special occasions harder to find/make. For client and provider, that hour, that moment, is everything. It is the entire relationship. In lieu of GFE I would advocate Courtesan. She knows who she is, why she does this work, and how to do it well. That is what I think we are looking for when we ask for GFE: a genuine experience with a sexual woman who isn’t a girlfriend but who is a professional companion. There is no awkwardness in the economic aspect of the courtesan relationship because it is beautiful and respected. There is no need to cloak it in relationship terminology.

I am all in favor of abolishing acronyms. Perhaps ‘Courtesan’ is a good replacement.