Updates as of 5.21.16

Updates!!! So much has been happening of late that I thought even those of you who don’t receive my newsletter may want to know what I’ve been up to.

Most recently: I went to Portland! The nubile and buxom Numina Faye consented to join me on my Portland Venture. It was what I would consider a success but I’ll still be trying different timing next time. I went Monday through Thursday and I think next time I’ll try Thursday evening through Monday and see what changes. Our lovely hostess shared her home in absentia and we enjoyed her hot tub, enclosed and screened off from the neighbors; I don’t think we wore clothes almost the whole time we were actually home. The only problem was that I wanted to get some great photos and all I got was the one ‘selfie’ after she let me give her the simplest of manicures.

I’ve had emails sitting in my inbox from as long ago as February and I sincerely apologize both to my potential clients and my pocketbook. Anyone sending me an appointment request will meet with the professional skills of Rose, my new Email manager. I wanted to say something so no one is too terribly surprised. I still look at it and I will continue to answer any social missives (as best I can). Those of you who feel seriously uncomfortable with someone else being involved can reach me via my private phone number you received in my directions but I do not save phone numbers so you will have to identify yourself every time and give me some context and even then no promises. She and I are still working out scheduling kinks so please bear with us but so far things have been sleek and smooth. This means that new friends and those looking for closer to last minute appointments will be better attended, something I have begun to slack on because…

I’m becoming more of an activist and community organizer!! I’ve begun helping with SWOP (the sex workers outreach project, reached via www.SWOP-SEATTLE.org) and some of their outreach and activism as well as simply gathering an intimate group of colleagues and evolving my own view of my work. More to come there.

I’ve had some major family upheaval including weddings, moves, and some very interesting conversations. My family is quite conservative and sometimes their political leanings pain me but they are truly good people, the kind of Christians I imagine Christ himself would gently, lovingly accept despite their flaws. Very much the Samaritan, not-stone-the-woman types. My family exposure reminded me of a book I heard of recently: Chester Brown’s ‘Mary Wept at the Feet of Jesus’. One of my beloved clients gave me the opportunity to read Brown’s graphic novel while in Portland and it sparked a few interesting thoughts. As a former Protestant my religious education was long running and pervasive. Brown’s religious education is far more in depth and less About studying the Bible alone versus studying it along with all the things that have been said about it. There are several things I would have changed, first among them being the placement of his extensive notes. The cartoons are unimaginative and disengaging, particularly for some one who knows the stories already. They may have been more engaging first, if they were simply more; more dialogue, more images, etc and second, if they were preceded or immediately followed by his analysis. That analysis was by far the most interesting part of the volume. I loved the succinct yet thorough analysis of parables and stories and his theory regarding Matthew’s genealogy was certainly intriguing, but overall the book as a form of entertainment was kind of blah. I still plan to read his memoir, ‘Paying for it’ because it’s a client story which I am so interested in. He’s a Christian who voluntarily and, it sounds like, respectfully saw sex workers for over a decade and wrote about it; how can I not want to read that!?!

Aside from that the only major updates are: things are good. Life is good, business is good,the weather has been weird but before that it was good, the future looks good, everything looks pretty, well, good 🙂 Thank you, as usual, for being part of the good.

Oh, and Old Cowboy has made it safely through surgery and is at home, still recovering but in good spirits! 🙂