Spring is here!!!

And has been for almost a week now. I’m feeling it. I can see new shoots on our house plants and every time I go to the hardware store I remind myself to pick up those little starter planters so we can start seedlings. We have enormous south facing windows and a sliding door leading to the balcony. I’ve started taking after cats and curling up in pools of warm sunshine, relaxing and blissing out. My biggest regret is that I work at night and sleep during the day. I miss out on that impulse to go outside and explore.

Here is my average Monday: First of all, it’s actually a Saturday. My work week begins at ten on Saturday night, one of the worst times to be in the service industry. I worked the night of the Superbowl and had to ride the bus -TO WORK- with a bunch of fans. I’m happy for them, I even went out to watch the game with friends, but going to work that night was not what I want to do on a normal Saturday night, much less a loud, obnoxious, drunk one. That was the worst but Saturday nights are often like that: drunk people, too late for an express bus, and a whole long night full of nothing, if I’m lucky. I didn’t mind it for the longest time. I have time to write, to read, and I got a lot of homework done while I was in school. Plus it was exciting to sleuth through the day’s transactions to find mistakes and solutions. After a while, though, it gets tiring. I could be sleeping right now and in the morning I could have a leisurely breakfast, then go to my space and see one of my lovely friends, then maybe go out for lunch and listen to the birds sing. Instead, I drop into bed as soon as I get home and sleep until my partner gets home. We have dinner and a few moments, then I leave again. Three days of that, thank goodness it’s only three days, then I get Tuesday.

Tuesday is always interesting because I never know if I’m going to be exhausted or excited. I try to stay up most of the day so I’ll be able to sleep that night. Depending on the feel of the day I might get some errands done or I might just go home and sleep a little, then get up and putter until he gets home, then have a few drinks and try to sleep. Tuesdays are often either crazy or blissful, mostly since it’s the first day that I get to fall asleep at night in my own bed and wake up with normal people. If I slept the day before much I often end up waking up before the sunrise which is always beautiful. There’s something about early mornings like that that, even though I’m not a morning person, can soothe a soul.

Now that spring is here and change is coming, I’ll be switching back to being a creature of the day. A woman who sleeps at night and lives during the day. It also means that my Sundays and Mondays will come available for me to visit with my gentlemen. As always, reflected on my calendar is an up-to-the minute look at dates and times I anticipate being available. I’m so excited for spring!