Maturity, Wisdom, Experience

I’ve always known that the mainstream narrative around sex work isn’t the most common narrative. The stereotypical escort is one of two types: victimized, forced, abused, drugged, etc or money-grubbing, twenty-something with fake breasts and disdain for her clients. While both types exist, it is far more common, particularly here in Seattle, to see a variety of backgrounds, demographics, and motivations.

Personally, I’m a sexually explorative, monogamous in my personal life, twenty something who wears little makeup, lives a relatively middle class life, and spends her free time cooking, knitting, and socializing with my civilian friends. I’ve met ladies from all over the spectrum, everywhere from the unreliable and functional addicts to the meticulous elite. The latter is far, far more common. A question was asked recently, one that I’m proud to know comes from my community. The question was ‘Who are the ladies over 40 here in Seattle?’ and the answers were overwhelming. There is a link to the thread at the end of this post so you can see for yourself who made the list.

A few things struck me about this question, the first and most reassuring to me is the sheer volume. Out of the say 200 independent providers that regularly participate in this community there are over 20 specific names in that thread. That’s a huge percentage. Huge! And they’re all over 40! Perhaps it’s this community that attracts a higher number of mature women but I firmly believe that it’s not an accident. Several of our local legends didn’t even get started until their thirties and over the last decade(s) have established themselves as highly sexual, intelligent women capable of a wide range of desirable characteristics such as intelligence, experience, empathy, reliability, assertiveness, and of course great ball handling skills 😉 I am hopeful that I can one day join the ranks of the mature lady legends of Seattle’s sexy underground.

The second striking realization was that I regularly ask many of these ladies for references. A few leaps of logic tell me that I am attracting gentlemen who usually stick with the more mature (and by virtue of age, more experienced and intelligent) providers. That I can command a certain amount of interest usually reserved for those far more interesting gives me a deep sense of pride. My youth will fade, my breasts will droop, my skin will wrinkle, my hair will turn gray but my mind will, hopefully, remain sharp for many more years. Also, the youth and beauty I have are no fault of my own. The mind I cultivate and the words that come from it are my fault, my problem, and my pride. Every day that I am able to bring the combination of youthful energy and mature wisdom to my loves is a day that fills me with joy and pride. I can’t imagine doing anything else more fulfilling.

Disclaimer: while I have often been told I am unusually mature for my age precocity is no substitute for true wisdom. I will not be truly comparable to the legends in the post linked below until I have their experiences. I personally highly recommend Sarah Nicole for nurturing, Sola Love for healing, Maggie for vigorous discourse, Houston Price for raw sex appeal, Jillian Roberts for high high class, and Ananda and Joyfull for playfulness. All in addition, of course, to sensuality and love for all.