Joke’s on You

As I write this, I’m planning my first European Vacation. I was digging through old writing tidbits and found this short but interesting post I forgot I wrote. Enjoy!

I like bad puns. My father and I maintain contact by sharing ‘dadjokes’ back and forth and remembering days past. Whenever I see a potential source for new ones I peruse it eagerly, thinking of the easy days when dad was young and carefree and so was I. In perusing one of many sources for the charming yet elusive dad joke, I found this one:

A man and a woman went on a fishing trip. The man wasn’t feeling well so he stayed in bed while the woman took the boat and went on the lake to read a book. The game warden comes by and seeing all the fishing gears in the boat, asks her for her fishing license. She said it was her husband’s gear and she was just reading. The warden says to her it doesn’t matter. She has all the equipments on board and could start anytime. The women than tells him if he writes her a ticket, she would accuse him of sexual aggression. Shocked, the warden why she would do that ?!? She responds that he has all the equipment and could start anytime.

Because I choose to follow mostly sex workers and sex work rights activists on social media, I see a lot of articles and sound bytes about nonsense, exaggerations, outright lies, and abuses by cops. They are generally our greatest threat and operate with a long reign and loose collar when it comes to erotic service providers. The above is a joke but it is so incredibly similar to real life instances where women are arrested because they look like working girls or they’re carrying the wrong things in their purses that my laughter gets a bit choked off. I’m no expert. I know only my own experience but I’ve seen enough news activity to see in this more irony than I think is intended.