Frequently Asked Questions/ Policies

Update as of May 31, 2018: Most of this information is up to date but for the most recent information you’ll want to go to


Everything you need to know should be on this page. Please read it in its entirety before sending your initial contact. Breaking or even strenuous bending of any restrictions is grounds for immediate termination of communication or session in progress.

Q: Who are you?
A: I am a 26 year old bodywork professional who provides a sensual and intimate touch with therapeutic aspects as well as entertaining conversation and companionship. I do NOT provide full service or ‘french’ finishes.

Q: How can I meet you?
A: Email me with your name/nickname, something interesting about yourself, and screening information and I will get back to you when I have completed screening to my satisfaction or if I need more information. You can find an example of what your first email could look like on my contact page

Q: Where will we meet?
A: I have a private studio set aside for us in the First Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Specifics will be provided once an appointment is confirmed.

Q: When can we meet?
A: My regular hours are ten to six on Sundays, ten to noon Tuesday’s, eight to five Wednesday’s, eight to two Friday’s, and occasional Saturday evenings. Monday and Thursday are my days off. Up to date availability can be seen on my contact, rates, and calendar page. Please reserve requests for alternative times to travel restrictions or old friends.

Q: What will we do?
A: We will chit chat a bit to get to know each other, then I will invite you onto my massage table where I shower you with soft caresses, kisses, and some therapeutic bodywork, among other things. I also provide unscented bodywash to cleanse yourself after our experience.

Q: what do you expect of me?
A: I expect you to be polite and responsive. Polite meaning following my lead, placing the donation in an obvious place early on in our encounter, arriving freshly showered or accepting a shower upon arrival, and just generally behaving well. Responsive meaning I like to know you are enjoying yourself and if not, why. I appreciate and gracefully accept feedback if you wish to give it.

Q: Do I need to be worried about viruses, infections, or diseases?
A: There is a risk through skin-to-skin contact of transmission of some skin infections and diseases. I reduce that risk by sanitizing all points of contact in between visitors and covering any scratches/injuries on my person with a liquid bandage seal. I am also extremely conscious of ‘cross-contamination’ and where our hands have been and will be. I also have regular health checks with my Primary Care provider to assess risks of communication or transmission. I appreciate your concern for our health and ask that if you have any skin issues, please let me know. I will never shame you or express disgust, I will simply avoid the area.

Q: How do you feel about gifts?
A: I love learning about people. What they decide to gift tells me something new and interesting about me. If you need some hints or help, see my blog post

Q: May I touch you?
A: I invite respectful touch above the waist and below the knees. Any other mutual interaction is at my discretion and is not to be expected.

Q: Do you ‘speak other languages’?
A: I do enjoy taking you to the cool lands of Mother Russia, but other languages are beyond me.

Q: Why haven’t I heard back from you?
A: I respond to emails in the following priority:
-Scheduling requests from screened individuals. Bonus if you are requesting a time listed as available on my calendar.
-Scheduling requests from new friends that are complete in introduction and information
-Scheduling requests that are for more than a week from receipt
-Scheduling requests that have complicated requirements, have incomplete scheduling information, or require a look into dates and times outside my regular hours (emails with combinations of the above may not be responded to at all).
-Social emails
If you fall into the above categories, please be both patient and persistent. I sometimes will read and forget to respond to an email. If it has been more than a few days, please feel free to send along a gentle reminder.
-Anything obscene, rude, or suspicious will not be responded to under any circumstances.

Q: Do you have alternative Screening?
A: I have two methods for screening
1) Two current providers will vouch for your identity and character. Both providers MUST have some screening process of their own. Meet and greets, phone calls, or some sixth sexy sense are not acceptable
2) Your first and last legal name and willingness to produce a photo ID. I will perform a short, absolutely non-invasive check of your online presence and will confirm your ID in person upon your arrival.
No other methods of screening afford me the feeling of safety I need to feel confident in what is often a compromising situation.

Q: Will you come to me?
A: I will not. I spend a great deal of time and energy creating a safe and sensual place for us. It would take so much time and energy to create that space somewhere else that I wouldn’t have any left for you! If you need time before or after to warm up or cool down, social time is available for 50/hh.

Q: What if I’m running late?
A: Please let me know as soon as you find out if you are running either late or early. The more time I have to plan, the more smoothly any hiccups are dealt with. You can either email or text me. Please do NOT call me.

Q: What if I’m early?
A: Early arrivals should wait either in a parked vehicle, in one of the nearby coffee shops or restaurants, or in the lobby of my apartent building. If I have not yet told you I am ready DO NOT come to my door. I do not wish you to stand in the hallway and if I am not ready I will not let you in. If you have let me know you have arrived and I have replied that I am ready, feel free to come up early but ONLY after I have told you I am ready.

Q: What if I have to cancel last minute?
A: A lot of that depends on how soon you let me know.
-If you give me more than 24 hours notice, that’s it. We can reschedule when you’re ready.
-With less than 24 hours, I ask that you put up with an extremely annoyed Christina. Books (SciFi or nonfiction), delicious snacks (cured or cylindrical meats, dark chocolate, etc.), wine (any white except Chardonnay), or pretty lingerie (size 6/small or 32DD) are appreciated appeasements.
-With less than 12 hours please expect to add a little extra to the donation next time we meet. Minimum suggestion: 10% of what it would have been had we met.
-If you cancel with less than an hour’s notice expect to add 25% to the donation next time we meet.
-If you simply don’t show up, I will require a 50% cancellation fee as well as full deposit on our next appointment. Amazon gift cards work great for that.
(Exceptions to these policies may be made for extraordinary circumstances.)

Q: Do you do duos?
A: I love to engage in the art of three way sensual touch. Please inquire as to partners and occasions.

Q: May I have ‘multiple cups’ during our session?
A: Yes and no. We can take five or ten minutes near the beginning to clear the pipes, as it were, so you may enjoy a more prolonged experience later on. This is best for the young and the deprived who take only a moment to start and finish that first time and who desire increased staying power. If you are looking for a high energy, sustained tension experience, you may want to book one of my high octane session. Reserved for established friends.

Q: May I bring toys?
A: During our first encounter, please feel free to tell me about toys you enjoy using or having used on yourself. I am willing to experiment with what you bring but will not purchase toys, nor will any be used on me in our sessions.

Q: Are you fetish friendly?
A: Yes, in that I love learning about alternative sexualities and am happy to talk about them. No, in that I am poorly equipped in temperament for role play or BDSM activities. You would be better served elsewhere.

Q: Do you offer prostate massage?
A: Yes, I provide gloved PM. I will follow your lead as to timing and duration. Please be aware that unusually tall gentlemen may be better served in this elsewhere; I have rather short fingers.

Don’t see a question? Just ask 🙂 I may wait until we are in person to answer it, but I’m happy to.