For the long haul

I was contacted recently by a gentleman who wished to get together and explore an intimate encounter. I’m always encouraged by that. I don’t receive frequent contact. Enough to keep me happy and help finance my hobbies, plus a little more to sock away for the future. Because of this infrequency, I have found myself entertaining options that are not perfectly right for me. I’ve discovered that I wish to establish longer term connections. I’d rather see one gentleman and find a groove, as it were, without spending so much time chasing down the one or two, once-off encounters. I feel as though, in my experience and without your knowledge, I’ve disrespected those of you who take the time to get to know me, respect my time and limits, and think of me as a young woman instead of a hot piece, in good need of ‘pounding.’

I read a lot of reviews. I like to keep up on what everyone else is doing. Call me nosy, call me paranoid, whatever. I want to know what I should be prepared for. A huge amount of those reviews are near pornographic. Now I don’t mind a little explicit content, I kind of like it when what I’m reading gets me wet, but what I see in most reviews is an almost childish need to show off. I hear in the tone a need to feel like the caller gave the young lady the greatest, most intense sexual encounter of the day, week, or possibly her life. Most of the time it’s phrased in a praiseworthy way, but even under the praise is an ego in need of a boost. It’s… off putting. A man I want to spend my time with doesn’t need to use acronyms or crude euphemisms to convey arousal, eroticism, lust, and satisfaction. The men I want to spend my time with acknowledge the risk and skill implicit in each encounter and has enough self confidence to allow the woman who is pleasuring him the spotlight. It’s a reciprocal relationship when with his words, a man expresses joy and admiration for a woman and with her words, smiles, caresses, and all the other little ways she expresses appreciation and the value of the words.

I’m picky. I choose to be choosy because, no matter how aroused I am or how long it’s been, I demand the company of true gentlemen. Men who respect me for my skills as a lover and also for my conversation, my intellect, and my curiosity. Anything less leads to dissatisfaction and a liaison that is less than the best. Trust that should you be one of those who are granted access to the private areas of this website are also granted my admiration and respect, as well as my gratitude. We have established a rapport. I thank you gentlemen for your commitment to a more lasting and perfectly reciprocal relationship.