Fly Me To You!

I rarely tour. I don’t like to travel on a tight schedule or with uncertainty and I prefer to stack reasons for visiting an area. If I have friends, family, or other reasons to visit somewhere, I might travel far afield, but I generally don’t prefer to travel alone, or far from home without a very good reason.

I have also generally declined to fly bespoke to locations near and far. When I travel, I stay at my location long enough to make the irritations of air travel worthwhile. I like to get my boots on the ground and enjoy the area I spent so much time, effort, and jet fuel to reach. This means my fly-me-to-you minimum would be quite a long appointment. I never thought that would be worth it to anyone but, since folks have been asking, here it is.

First: check my calendar. If you see several days of availability in a row, it’s likely I’m not busy for enough hours in a row to allow a trip. If you are planning ahead I can sometimes make room.

Second: Calculate my minimum appointment length. My minimum appointment will be: (flight time + 75 minutes) x3, then round up. A trip to LA is a twelve hour appointment. Chicago would be 15 hours. Flight time includes layovers so small towns mean longer appointments.

Third: Send in your inquiry. For my darling friends who have met me before, that’s easy. For new clients, Submit a screening form first, then ask about the trip. This means asking about specific dates, not vague ideas about sometime late next month. Offer several dates if you can. Rose will confirm my availability or suggest alternatives.

Fourth: Get out your credit card. You will receive a deposit invoice equal to:

-25% of my fee (50% for new clients) – Partially refundable
-Premium class airfare – Nonrefundable
-Food Per Diem of 50$ per day – Refundable
-Hotel cost at our destination – Nonrefundable
**I will not discuss details of any trip without this deposit.**

Finally: Enjoy! I LOVE getting excited about trips. New eateries, museums, skylines and sunsets? How fun! Plush hotel beds and room service? Yes, please! Someone to share it with? Living the Dream.

If the above feels like all too much, why don’t you fly yourself to me? Seattle has much to offer the curious traveler. Fine chocolate, fresh seafood, gorgeous mountain sunsets, lush parks, quirky pit stops, and of course myself and my bevy of bodacious belles.

Wherever it happens, I look forward to seeing you there.