Farewell to the FC

I mean, you all can use it, but I’m afraid I cannot.

The ‘FC’ is a female, or internal, condom. I’ve used it to great effect in the past and had great reactions…. for the boys. The way it works is that, instead of rolling a tight condom down onto your hard cock, I put a loose nitrile sleeve inside me. Two firm rings, one at either end, hold it in place while your cock slides in and out, as close to a natural feeling as you can get while still maintaining peace of mind. No risk of breaking, falling off or out without noticing, and even greater coverage of skin to skin contact.

Unfortunately, What happens sometimes is that I get wet and you get a bit dry and suddenly, instead of you sliding easily back and forth inside the sleeve, the sleeve slides back and forth inside of me. You’d think that wouldn’t be an issue given how regular condoms work, but it’s all about the fit. Since it’s overlarge, it ends up creating ridges, and not the smooth, “for her pleasure” ridges on those gimmicky trojans. They are harder and, under the right circumstances, can be slightly sharp. I’m just gonna leave that there.

Many of you know that self care is something I constantly struggle with. Writing publicly about something I intend to do to help myself is my way of giving myself permission to enforce it. I know not everyone reads everything right away, but once it’s out there, particularly for a while, I don’t feel guilty about disappointing or upsetting anyone. I will always do my best to make sure folks are fulfilled and happy when they leave me but there are some exceptions. Unfortunately for some, this is one of them.

I’m actually really bummed, too. I love the opportunities they give gentlemen who have a hard time (har har) in many ways with regular condoms. I’ve had people come using the FC who haven’t come while wearing a condom in years. I’ve seen people able to lose themselves in just that little bit more freedom. Plus I love that in a duo you can simply switch back and forth without pausing in between. I know that Sofina still allows them and has them in stock so if it’s important to you, you can find it. Just not with me.

I may make exceptions under rare extenuating circumstances, but don’t expect it. Sorry :-/