Facing Mortality: A Beloved Client in Distress

I’ve been collecting oral histories from my clients. Or at least, I have collected one oral history so far. The plan is to compile the brief history of you as you, the client, have come to know me or my colleagues. The purpose is to show the myriad paths that lead clients to erotic service providers and, more importantly, to break the stereotype of the innocent man lured in by the wiles of the wanton woman or the evil, disgusting pervert who takes advantage of poor, victimized women. My compilation should inspire laughter, tears, and a sense of connection from the reader to the gentlemen found within the pages.

One gent in particular was high on my list. At 89 years old he discovered erotic service providers and proceeded to visit us all. Old Cowboy has come to be known, loved, and respected by provider and client alike. His story is both beautiful, innocent, and just naughty enough to make me giggle. The white half of a forbidden interracial love, nationally renowned sportsman, world traveler, sensualist, and still in possession of great wit, Old Cowboy is an inspiration to all who know him in person or by reputation.

Unfortunately, he is currently under medical duress. I do not feel comfortable disclosing anything specific, suffice it to say I and many of my colleagues are concerned. One of our own is by his side and can relay well wishes and messages of care and admiration but I feel the community at large would like to know. When Froggy Goes A’Courtin’ passed away, our community was able to share via our message board his status and our thoughts and well wishes. Now that we are once again in danger of losing one of our own I can only hope that my little corner of the Internet will suffice. Providers, please feel free to share with your clients. Clients, feel free to share with your ATFs. Things like this need community because who else can we share it with?

I recognize the selfishness of attaching my own thoughts to someone else’s tragedy but this is my little corner of the Internet and so I will take a few paragraphs for my response.

First, I’m not sad. My own sense of mortality still hasn’t hit me as a younger person with all eight grandparents still around. The idea that someone with so much life and energy is in danger of losing it doesn’t resonate with me; it hasn’t hit me in my gut yet.

Second, while I will miss more contact with Old Cowboy, that’s an incredibly selfish reason to regret someone else’s mortality. I hope for him many more years of joy and vitality but if he has none left, I know from even the little I knew of him that he has lived a FULL life and I feel privileged for the time and humor he shared with me.

Finally, it reminds me of a conversation I’ve had off and on with Adelle Sabatier. She began her erotic services career at a young age and has always attracted a mature clientele. She has watched her clients go through loss and change and has seen the gray turn to white over the last decade. As a young woman just entering her fourth decade, she is the only of her peers to face the mortality of her closest friends and supporters. Hopefully that day is far off for me but it could come as early as tomorrow.

I wish him all the best and I know you do, too. He has a great sense of humor and he would hate to have us worry instead of celebrating so you’ll find no sadness around these parts, only inspiration, delightful memories, and huge hopes for all our futures.

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  1. I too feel no sadness for O’l Cowboy because he has lived a very full life and looks forward to every day. If only I could be doing what he is at even 71, much less 91. I hope he recovers well and manages to have a great time for many more years.

    I clearly see Christina that your clients are friends or even more so. I have found that I have made so many Great Friends in the hobby, people that are touched and cared about.

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