Double Standards

You may or may not have heard but the actor who used to play Barney in the popular children’s show is a male prostitute. Google “Barney sex work” to find dozens of articles thereof. I don’t have a problem, obviously, with people who offer sexual services for a fee. I think it’s healthy and fun and can be truly therapeutic if done carefully. I am happy for him and his clients and wish them well.

What angers me is that he is a ‘tantric sex therapist’ who insists on unprotected sex with his female only clients at 350$ per session and the only thing anyone is worried about is his past as the ambulatory force behind a giant purple kids entertainer. No one is calling him a victim of economic forces outside his control or brainwashed by the patriarchy to believe he’s consenting when actually he isn’t. He’s not getting slammed with jail time and called a scammer for operating his sex business like Tracy Elise and her temple. Were I to so openly advertise the exact same service, I would get thrown in jail.

I hate this double standard. Can we please just agree that there’s nothing inherently unethical about hiring out sexual skills for a generous wage? Can we please stop drawing lines between good sex work and bad sex work? Can we please just get the fuck over ourselves already!?!


Also, any client having unprotected sex with a sex worker should perhaps rethink their priorities. One of the reasons sex workers have a lower incidence of STIs than the laity is because, you guessed it, we don’t fuck clients bareback when we have the choice!

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