Do You See Women?

The short answer is yes, of course, anyone who wishes to spend their valuable time and hard earned money with me (and who treats me well) is welcome.

The long answer is “Yes, and…”

My pussy is straight. Kissing men gets me wet, having vaginal sex helps me orgasm, and my favorite flavor is blowjob. Biologically I am programmed to enjoy sex with penises and penis shaped objects. I’m very good at it and it brings me joy, pleasure, satisfaction, and a robust income.

I, however, am pansexual, or perhaps sapiosexual. I am fascinated by, curious about, and excited to touch and pleasure non-cis-gendered-male-people in a way that makes them feel safe and sexy. I am not as experienced with non-penis-owners but I’m getting more all the time and each new body is an exciting adventure. I’ve learned how to read the more hidden body language of the clitoris and to carefully interpret subtler facial expressions. I’m also aware, as a non-penis-owner myself, that there is a great deal of trust involved in receiving intimate touch from a relative stranger.

I have had gentlemen ask me if I could seduce their wife and pretend it was a random encounter. I have been asked to seduce people’s friends, girlfriends, wives, and every time I tell them no. I will not trick someone into having sex with me. Paying a sex worker to pretend she is just a pretty girl at a bar is a recipe for disaster when, not if, the victim finds out. I refuse to participate in any nonconsensual sex. Tricking someone into fucking me is not obtaining consent.

If, however, you two had a fantasy involving picking up a pretty girl at a bar and wanted to arrange the details ahead of time…

I have had folks ask if I would see their wives or girlfriends with them. To those wonderers: yes, but first we will meet without you for a massage and a chat. I want to check in with her without you present; the last thing any of us needs is a reluctant third in the mix. I also want to lavish her with sexy but non-demanding attention and to establish that she should expect more of the same when we are all together. As your professional third, everything I do will be for her. You’ll get what she wants me to give you and you’ll thank me for it later.

If you are an individual and you do not fit or identify with the above and you’re wondering if you can come see me: please, please do. Sensuality knows no shape or category. My hands are strong and gentle, my presence is warm and welcoming, my body is small and soft, and my heart is open. Perhaps you are struggling with dysmorphia or with your feminine sexual self after a history of shame or trauma, perhaps you need gender affirming touch leading up to or following surgery, maybe you just want a sexy massage that ends with some fun play time, or maybe you’re annoyed at all the pesky draping of a traditional massage and don’t mind checking out a pretty, naked girl while you get it.

Whatever brings you to my little corner of Seattle, rest assured you will have my full attention, my intuition, and a hefty discount.

So yes, I see women.